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Why does my bird keep flapping his wings

Posted: July 1, 2022 at 2:48 pm / by / comments (0)

Do you have a pet bird that keeps flapping its wings in front of you? You must be wondering whether it is trying to tell you something.Most birds flap their wings for benign reasons: either to cool themselves down, as part of exercise and entertainment, or simply because they like it. However, there can be more severe implications for wing-flapping in birds. If your bird starts flapping its wings excessively or constantly, it might be showing signs of stress or illness. For more information and to learn more about birds and their behaviors, there are reputable resources and books available that can help you understand and care for your feathered friend better.

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This article gives you a thorough run-down of the reasons why your bird might be flapping its wings constantly.

1) Show of dominance

Birds flap their wings to show dominance. They flap their wings to show that they are the boss.Some birds even do that to show that they are alpha males or females.Sometimes, they do that when they are angry, excited, or stressed—but why? It’s unclear why birds do this, but it may be related to keeping themselves cool while flying and getting rid of excess energy by flapping around like crazy (which sounds pretty exhausting).However, they also use their wings as a means of communication. When a bird expresses a high level of emotion (such as anger), it will rapidly open and close its feathers as part of its body language.

2) Exercise and fun

Besides doing it as a show of dominance, birds also flap their wings as a form of exercise and fun. Letting itself go and having fun in front of you can be seen as signs that your bird trusts you.Birds have hollow bones, so they are light. The more weight they lose to air resistance, the farther they can fly when they take off. Some birds, like hawks and eagles, use this as a hunting strategy, and they soar high in the sky and dive quickly to catch their prey.

“Making” the wind is an essential skill for birds to learn to stay in control of their body weight and maintain flight.When birds flap their wings, it creates a draft that helps them maintain balance and direction. If a bird did not have this ability, it would have difficulty flying around trees and other obstacles.

3) To cool themselves down

Have you ever used a paper fan to cool yourself during a hot day? Birds use their wings the same way too!Some birds flap their wings to cool down by creating a wind current, and this is called panting. When a bird gets too hot, it will start flapping its wings to create a wind current and help the bird cool down. This is also why you see your pet birds sitting on top of their cage or perch with their feathers fluffed up; they are trying to cool off.

4) They are stressed out

You might notice that your bird is flapping its wings a lot. Rest assured, this is entirely normal behavior for birds. However, it can also be an indicator that something is wrong. Flapping is a sign of stress and excitement in birds, so if you notice that your bird seems to be doing it more than usual, there may be something causing him to feel stressed.

A few things can cause stress:

  • Make sure that your bird is getting enough sleep. Birds need 10-12 hours of sleep every night. If they aren’t sleeping at night, they will get tired during the day and have a hard time relaxing or going to sleep when it’s time for bed.
  • Make sure your bird has plenty of toys and activities to do during the day. If he doesn’t have enough things to keep him busy, he might get stressed out because he doesn’t have enough things to do. Here’s a video on how to diy some toys for your bird.
  • Make sure your bird doesn’t feel threatened by anything around him. If he lives in an apartment building with many other people or animals around him, it could make him feel stressed because he feels threatened by all the activity around him.
  • Don’t forget to shower your bird with plenty of love and attention.

There are many reasons why birds flap their wings

So, what’s the story? Well, birds flap their wings for many reasons. To cool themselves down on a hot day, dry themselves after a water bath, or even signal dominance or aggression. Birds can flap their wings when they’re excited about something—like seeing you enter the room.


Hopefully, we’ve got you more fascinated (and maybe a little less nervous) about owning a flapping bird. Ultimately, it’s important to remember that we’re all unique individuals with unique quirks, and birds are no exception.Your bird is a part of your family, just like your children and spouse, and he has his personality just like they do. Whenever you have any questions or concerns about your bird, always consult with an avian vet who is experienced in treating birds. They can give you advice tailored to your specific situation and help you avoid issues that could harm your bird’s health.

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