Why disruptive technology is important for today’s entrepreneurs with Bobby Campbell

Bobby Campbell

Bobby Campbell, CEO and founder of several leading digital media companies including AdKarma, 3 Interactive and Division D joins Enterprise Radio. Bobby is a successful entrepreneur with a deep understanding of how to monetize emerging digital markets.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Bobby Campbell discuss the following:

  • Can you share a little bit about your background in entrepreneurship and disruptive technology?
  • What is disruptive technology, and why is it important to today’s entrepreneurs?
  • What should an entrepreneur do when they realize that it’s their business model that’s about to be disrupted?
  • We’ve heard a lot about startup culture and the importance of finding the right team to get a venture off the ground. What qualities allow a person to thrive in a disruptive environment?
  • What are some of the key trends in disruption you’re seeing?

Duration: 12:44

As CEO and co-founder of 3 Interactive and AdKarma, Bobby Campbell leads two of the fastest-growing private companies in the country. In 2003, Campbell launched 3 Interactive out of his spare bedroom in Columbia, Mo., with just $20,000 in start-up funding, and turned a profit in the first month. Since then, 3 Interactive has grown to $15 million in annual revenue, 40 employees and was named one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing private companies in 2012.

In 2010, Campbell founded his next venture, AdKarma, which works with online publishers to optimize their ad networks and display, pre-roll and mobile inventory. Since 2010, AdKarma has grown over 500 percent and will generate $10 million in revenue in 2013.  Campbell’s latest venture is Division D, a dynamic advertising network founded in 2013 that focuses on new creative formats to better engage viewers.

Campbell credits this success to his strong management team and ability to empower his Millennial workforce to take ownership of challenging projects and accelerate their own careers. His company’s success is founded on the philosophy of listening to employees, rewarding success and allowing people to quickly ascend to leadership positions.

Campbell’s management philosophy was formed in part through volunteer experience with the Boone County Fire Protection District, the largest volunteer fire department in Missouri. Firefighting improved his ability to manage others in stressful scenarios. The camaraderie among firefighters also inspired Campbell’s employee training program at 3 Interactive, which helps 3 Interactive accurately predict revenue growth based on the number of months an employee has been with the company.

Campbell graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Creative Writing and Political Science. He currently resides in Columbia, Mo., where he enjoys spending time with his son discovering the world all over again, adventure sports and helping people through his work with the Boone County Fire Protection District. Along with other members of the 3 Interactive team, he also volunteers his time with Coyote Hill Christian Children’s Home, raising money and positively impacting the lives of disadvantaged children.

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Links: www.adkarma.com | www.divisiond.com

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