Where is there a need for 3rd party logistics?

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As the volume increases in your company so does the demand for logistics.  This is something that as a company grows, the growing pains will be huge. However, there is hope.  With companies competing on a global level there has never been a better time to start outsourcing things that can be a company of their own. Logistics takes a lot of time and coordination. However, hiring a third-party logistics company, like Aero Fulfillment Services can help make your fulfillment process easier.  

If you are finding that fulfilling your obligations and the logistics is just overwhelming your company, find a professional third party logistics company to take over that area of your business.  After all, this is what they do and all they do, which makes them an expert at it. In the end, hiring a professional third-party fulfillment agency will save you a lot of money and time. Professional 3rd party logistics do nothing but logistics day in and day out.  They are work at their skills and fine-tune their processes to deliver with ease.  

When hiring a third party logistics company…

There are some things that you should look for when looking to hire a third-party logistics company.  Things such as if they have worked in your industry before. Many industries have specifics that need to be met.  This is something that you learn over time from working in the industry. If your third party has never worked in your industry there is going to be larger learning curve than if they are used to your industry.

Ensure you are hiring a financially stable company as well.  There is nothing worse than hiring someone to fill your logistics needs only find out everything is frozen.  And, make sure they have the warehouse space that you are going to need for your third party logistics to be successful.  

Use Common Sense

However, many are common sense.  Things such as operating hours are the same as your operating hours.  You do not want a third party that is open when you are not. And, the location is important as well.  You do not want your products being shipped 1/2 way around the world. This will cause a lot of extra costs and take a lot of time in shipping.  Log shipping waits will make clients very upset and could cost you business for no fault of your third party shipping vendor. And, what are their delivery speed and expectations?  Look to see what they offer and ensure that fits with what your customers are looking for. 

Read your quote carefully.  Third-party logistics has a lot of parts and components in the quote.  There may be minimums and set up fees. If you are unsure of something just ask, and be sure to have everything you need to be clarified.   Ask them to break down the quote into easy to understand sections, if it gets a bit overwhelming. It isn’t a bad idea to have an attorney look at it, as there are a lot of components.  Having a second set of eyes that is in your corner can save you from a costly mess later on down the road. Be sure to check out Aero Fulfillment for more information.

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