When Using Data Science in SEO Is Crucial

Data science has started coming close to search engine optimization with every passing day. Data science and artificial intelligence are not new but they have become trendy in the SEO industry in the last few years. It is extremely important to know when you can use data science in search engine optimization.

Introducing data science

Data science has crossed several paths with artificial intelligence and big data when analyzing and processing data, which are called data sets. Google Trends is doing a great job of illustrating data science. Machine learning has also started to increase and it is one of the most important search queries.

Relationship between Google and artificial intelligence

In 2011, Google Brain was introduced, and this team was particularly dedicated to artificial intelligence. The objective associated with Google Brain was transforming the products of Google and make them use artificial intelligence so that they could be smarter, faster, and extremely useful.

There is no denying the fact that a search engine is undoubtedly a powerful tool and when the market share is taken into consideration, which is, almost 95% of people make use of Google as the search engine, it is not a surprise that artificial intelligence is constantly being used.

Machine learning

Machine learning is one kind of learning, which helps in powering artificial intelligence. Any machine learning tool will help in solving problems through the frame of references and the outputs are checked by humans because there is always 1 percentage of error. To know more, visit the websites of the top New York SEO agencies.

Complete relationship between SEO and artificial intelligence

In the year 2015, RankBrain was released for improving search results and quality. This was also developed by Google Brain. In 2019, BERT had been introduced for understanding search queries perfectly. As an SEO professional, it is mandatory to understand that a website cannot be optimized for BERT or RankBrain because they have been designed for understanding and answering search queries.

These algorithms might be involved in important processes but did not affect the evaluation of websites. However, Google is constantly using machine learning, and it is extremely important to understand how you can use it for running the daily operations of SEO. According tohttps://www.huffpost.com, video optimization is also important.

The value associated with machine learning

The following are the valuable areas where machine learning can be applied for SEO:

  • Prediction
  • Automation
  • Generation

These can also help in saving time on daily operations and convince every decision-maker of your organization.

Prediction algorithms can help in prioritizing the roadmap as it can highlight keywords. Apart from that, writing content is not an easy task for search engine optimization. It takes a lot of time and you also have to work extremely hard. This is exactly why automatic content generation is valuable. Automation generation helps in labeling images and videos by making use of the object detection algorithm. The algorithm labels images so that alt attributes are optimized easily.


Machine learning can help in improving your ranking on Google and helps you to optimize your sites accordingly. You need to ensure that you understand machine learning entirely so that you can optimize your site perfectly.

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