What’s The Best Way to Remove a Tree?

Tree removal is a necessary evil. It often happens that trees growing in urban environments become damaged or diseased. In situations like these, they can easily become safety hazards for their surroundings. And sometimes, trees have to be removed simply because they are taking up precious space. Removing a tree from an urban environment can be a tricky matter. This is because of all the infrastructure that will most likely be surrounding the tree. A wrong move can easily send the tree toppling down on someone’s property.

Removing a tree from a densely populated region can be a complicated task. It requires careful planning and use of the right tools. This is why tree removal companies exist. These companies are well-versed in the tree removal process. They are equipped with professional tools and plenty of experience. Most tree service companies can provide you with great solutions for getting rid of trees that give you trouble. You can find plenty of great options for tree service Rockville MD wide.

Any reputable tree service company is certified. This means that they have undergone some sort of training and they are capable of dealing with tree removal. Once you hire a tree removal company, it will help you figure out what’s the best way to deal with your tree. Since every tree is different, the removal process tends to vary. Tree removal companies start off by inspecting the tree in question. And based on what they figure out, they pick the best method to bring the tree down.

Different Tree Removal Methods

There is no, one best way to remove a tree. Every tree needs to be handled differently based on its condition and its surroundings. The best way to remove any tree would be one that brings the tree down as safely as possible.

Basic Felling

This is the simplest way of bringing a tree down. It involves cutting that makes the tree fall down in a controlled manner. Felling is easy and can be done by a two-man team. The complex part of felling is in the preparation phase. Before the removal can begin, the team needs to be sure of exactly where and how the tree will fall.

A more refined version of basic felling includes using a hydraulic wedge to guide a tree’s fall. This form of felling is great for bringing down larger trees in a controlled manner. A back-cut is made in your tree’s trunk and a hydraulic wedge is placed in it. Then, the primary wedge cut is made in order to bring the tree down, the hydraulic wedge pushes the tree in the right direction as it goes down.

While basic felling is simple and straightforward, it usually isn’t an option in urban spaces. This is because a tree falling horizontally needs an ample amount of open space.


For larger trees or trees that are located in really congested areas, segmentation is a good option. This option involves removing a tree piece by piece. This process can take longer and it also requires more skill. However, it is a great way to minimize the risks involved in tree removal. This method can also be great for taking care of trees that have become unstable due to disease or damage.


In rare cases, some trees cannot be cut-down at all. This can be due to a number of reasons. In situations like these, you are left with no other option than having your tree removed by a crane. This method is expensive and time-consuming. But when you don’t have any other option and you absolutely must remove a tree; this is your best bet.

A crane-lift procedure will involve lifting the tree upwards as it is cut. This way, the tree does not fall down at all. This method is great for trees that don’t have any falling space around them at all.

Removing a tree doesn’t just involve cutting it down. You also need to figure out what should you do about its stump. Tree stumps are harder to remove since they are anchored into the ground. In most cases, tree stumps are only removed when necessary. And the most convenient way to remove them is to grind them. Using grinding tools, a tree stump’s exposed area can be taken care of. This way, the stump will no longer get in your way and you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

Tree removal can be pretty complicated. This is why it is important to get in touch with professionals for this job. Their services allow you to get rid of even the most troublesome trees without stressing out. Having a reliable tree service company on call is a good idea, especially if you have a lot of trees on your property.

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