What Podcasts Can Help You with Money?

Podcasts aren’t just a great source of entertainment. They’re an excellent resource for advice and practical information that you can put to good use in your everyday life. If you’re feeling down, you can listen to self-help podcasts. If you’re trying to boost your workout, you can listen to fitness podcasts. And if you’re having trouble with your personal finances, you can listen to a bunch of money-related podcasts.

Read ahead to find out what money-related podcasts you should start following and what money problems they’ll help you with.

Marriage, Kids and Money: Money Disagreements

Do you and your significant other always fight about financial matters? Do you secretly resent how your partner spends and saves? Is money a contentious topic in your relationship?

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If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” you should start working on your problems with money in your relationship. After all, money issues cause irreparable damage to your relationship. A study from the University of Denver found that 36% of individuals stated that financial problems were one of their biggest reasons for divorcing.

So, don’t let those disagreements linger for long! If you want some help on how to broach these financial topics in your relationship, you should look into the podcast Marriage, Kids and Money. This podcast is hosted by Andy Hill, a personal finance influencer and family man who wants to empower young families to thrive financially. You’ll find episodes with relatable topics like splitting expenses, keeping separate bank accounts and having open conversations about money.

More Money Podcast: Budgeting

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You have trouble sticking to a budget. You spend as you go and worry about the consequences later. This is obviously not a good tactic for handling your hard-earned money. At the very least, it makes you vulnerable to surprise expenses, like emergency car repairs. If you’ve accidentally spent most of your paycheck, you’re not going to have enough savings to pay for this emergency expense right away.

In these tricky situations, you can use your credit card to cover the expense and pay down the balance when you have the funds. Or you could look up line of credit loans near me and see whether you meet the qualifications to apply for one. If you do, send in an application and wait for a response on your approval. With an approved line of credit loan, you could use borrowed funds to manage the emergency quickly and then make repayments afterward.

You can avoid this stressful scenario by learning how to budget properly. The podcast More Money Podcast, hosted by millennial money expert and accredited financial counselor, Jessica Moorhouse, can help you with that. The podcast is filled with episodes with practical advice that will help you budget for emergency savings, upcoming weddings, future retirements and much more.

Brown Ambition: Career Advancement

Brown Ambition is a podcast made to inspire Black and Brown women to accomplish their professional and financial goals to the fullest. It’s hosted by Mandi Woodruff and Tiffany Aliche, who are both financial experts in their fields.

If you’re struggling with your current career status — or your current income in that career — you should listen to this podcast to spark a change. The episodes cover crucial topics like imposter syndrome, negotiating pay and knowing when it’s time to quit and move on.

Add these podcasts to your library and start learning how to handle your finances better.

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