What Makes A Great Crypto Casino?

Cryptocurrency has been taking the world by storm. The convenience of such an easily handled currency combined with simpler forms of payment makes it much more manageable than other payment methods. A lot of online casinos have now been built around this form of payment. Choosing to specialise in such can help make transactions and gaming run a lot smoother. Even bonuses can run quicker such as the free $50 pokies no deposit sign up bonus in 2022. If you have a common use for cryptocurrency and a tendency to gamble, then here is a way to combine both passions into something great.

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Variety of Cryptocurrency 

There are lots of different crypto payments you can make online. A lot of them are fairly new to the scene but still have good value attached to them. Some of them are even increasing in value even now. For example, Dogecoin is one that has grown fairly popular thanks to the efforts of Elon Musk. The most common ones you will find used by casinos are Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. The way to use cryptocurrency is by converting real money into these different currencies. The casinos will calculate bets based on the value of this currency. This is similar to conversion rates applied to currencies all over the world.

If you ever need advice on what kind of crypto to use, you can view the value online. For some of them, you can even see their value change with a live feed. This is why a lot of casinos accommodate multiple types of crypto. If one type is currently low in value, it may be removed as a valid option of payment. Only those that have proven to be sustainable for years will be used as a payment for an online casino.

Crypto Specialisations 

As mentioned earlier, some casinos specialise in one type of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is commonly used as a theme for some Australian casinos. You will find games and content that are based entirely on this form of currency. This will include the use of games and the bonuses involved. Pokies may be sponsored by Bitcoin and will have betting options that accommodate them better. Bonuses will offer more bitcoin as a form of bonus funds for more bets. The very title of the casino may have Bitcoin shown in it to give potential customers an idea of what this casino’s main theme is.

Bitcoin has the most influence in the gambling industry, which is why you will mainly find casinos based on this. It is rare to find another casino based on another form of cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Ethereum. However, you will find casinos that are highly recommended with those forms of crypto. This is because they get a lot of players who use them, so they will tend to advertise to those that use them the most. It is much easier to find these casinos online thanks to this marketing. 

Game Selection 

The games are what will always matter when it comes to online gambling. This rings true for crypto casinos as well. All casino games in the casino must support cryptocurrency as a form of wagering. If not, it could make almost half of the payment methods used at the casino entirely useless. The casino will often state that all of the payment methods can be used on the games. Unfortunately, this is something that cannot be checked before making a casino account. You can do more research online to see if certain games you like support the crypto you use.

Other than that, it is also important to know if you enjoy the games themselves. Not only do they support crypto, but they must also be fun to play. A lot of online pokies are most commonly enjoyed, which is why you find so many of them. Table games even use crypto if it’s allowed. You can try out a lot of free demos for these games to see which ones take your fancy. This lets you discover what your favourite game is so you can check later on if they accept cryptocurrency.

Gambling Safely 

A gambling licence is a good indicator of an excellent casino. It can be a lot more relaxing knowing the casino you have signed up for is properly licensed and authorised by the government. This includes giving them the right to use cryptocurrency as a payment option. They decide which ones are legal to use and which ones are safe to use for players. That way, you can keep your finances protected whilst enjoying the safety of the casino’s services. Cryptocurrencies will only be allowed if the gambling licence they are branded with deems it so in that country.

You can check which gambling licence the casino has by recognising its brand. This can be found at the bottom of the casino page. Examples of licensed brands include the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, and the Curacao Gambling Commission. Australia has a few of its own licences, but these are mainly used for casinos available in multiple countries. Since cryptocurrencies are also available as a universal currency, these will be the main gambling licences that watch over them. You can view the websites for these gambling licences to check for yourself if cryptocurrency is mentioned in their agreements.

Payout Speed and Additional Fees 

Different crypto methods could have more going on with their transactions. Sometimes they can have additional fees added to the withdrawals. Others may take longer to process than others. Most of the time, cryptocurrencies have instant withdrawal times. A good casino will make sure of this and not allow payout time to be longer than 24 hours. If additional fees are added, this can largely be due to legal matters or with the casino itself. You can thankfully check the payment method details before signing up. This means you can check to be sure no additional fees apply.

Good Crypto Casinos 

If you need recommendations on some of the best crypto casinos in Australia, take a look below: 

  • Cloudbet 
  • BC.Game 
  • Mystake 
  • ThunderPick 
  • N1Bet 

These places have exceptional reviews for a variety of reasons. This includes their top selection of games, great bonus deals, and excellent customer service. If you need to find any more with specific requests, you can search online with those filters. Be sure to check out the content yourself before registering for an account. Once you do, use any of the welcome packages to your full advantage and secure yourself some wins right from the start.

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