What Makes a Good E-Liquid?

So there are definitely a lot of different criteria when it comes to e-liquids. Understandably, people find them to be quite an interesting commodity. But something that we do tend to see is that people get quite particular about what constitutes a good liquid, and we wanted to try and sort of provide an overall guide.

So, let’s take a look at what constitutes good liquid. Let’s explore characteristics, criteria, and so many other factors to find what we’re looking for. There are a lot of different things to think about, so let’s get started. 

Variety of Flavour

So the first thing that you are going to want to look for is the variety of flavour. What you will notice about all of these different e-liquids is that they come in so many different flavours. 

This is good because you need that variety in your life. It’s no good not having it because without it, you can’t expect to maintain a rich and full vaping habit. It’s difficult to do but ultimately worth it in the long run. 

You can identify how good a company is by how many flavours they have. If they have a respectable number of them, then you can be sure that they are a good candidate for what you want.

Smoking Conditions

One of the important things to remember about electronic cigarettes is that they can come in a variety of different forms. This means that each liquid will react to them differently, and there are different liquids that require different smoking conditions in order to get the best from.

For example, some products may involve needing a higher heat, some products may require you to burn for longer, and some can be smoked to a high level regardless of what temperature you are working with. It’s important to identify what type of conditions you’re looking for, because this will heavily influence what you search for in a product. 


Understandably, there is a spectrum of price when it comes to the electronic cigarette and the way that you purchase them. Every industry has a broad spectrum when it comes to price, because there are many different providers who make a variety of different products at ranging qualities to compensate for the demands of as many people as possible.

It is this spectrum which will allow you to begin to identify want to make a good eliquid and what does not. Each of the different liquids will have a different level of quality and depending on what you pay for them.

You should not be paying that much for your liquids. It is okay to lean more towards the expensive range of items, but you should never stray towards the cheaper end, because this will compromise on quality. A good liquid will usually fall in a middling price range and this is how you identify the good from the bad. 

Nicotine or Not 

A big thing to think about when it comes to your electronic cigarette is the amount of nicotine which is inside the liquid that you smoke. Nicotine is obviously a highly addictive substance, and something which a lot of people find they have an issue with when they begin smoking. It is present in some liquids, and most have nicotine and nicotine free variants to give people the best options. 

It is entirely up to you whether you choose to include nicotine in your experience or not, but be advised that there are Impax to include it. Obviously, it is an addictive substance, so you can expect to run into some kind of trouble with that later on if you are not careful. Another thing to think about is that this is a dangerous substance when consumed in large quantities, with anything more than 30 mg a day putting you at risk in terms of nicotine poisoning. It’s up to you to be sensible and smart to make sure that you do not make the wrong decisions. 

In conclusion, these are just a few of the different things which you should think about when it comes to getting the most from your experiences while smoking. Nicotine, the cost, and the overall thickness of the liquid will play a part in how you choose to buy things, and the type of experience that you have. There are many different options, and many choices for you to explore, which is nice when you think about all the different mechanics which come into play during the creation of your favourite liquid. It can be difficult to pick what is right for you, and most people find they do well with experimentation and trial and error, so it is well worth doing that simply to explore the different choices you have. 

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