What kind of door number plates are modern?

Modern technologies allow the production of concise signs that look perfect in any room. The design combines current colors. They are not loaded with bright colors, so the numbers are easy to read. The wide range allows you to choose between a combination of different shades or a standard transparent background. The number of your office, house, or apartment will be successfully displayed. Moreover, such a number sign will be a successful decoration of any door.

Source: BSign Unique Door Signs

Note a stylish wooden background. It is especially popular among buyers because of its eco-friendliness and practicality. The color of the nameplate and numbers can be customized.

High-quality material on the door number

Every detail of our products is imbued with high quality because all products are handcrafted. The figures have a 3D effect, so they attract attention. The volume inscriptions are made of colored acrylic. There may be different ways of fixing the door number. It all depends on the chosen model and the place of installation.

We work with proven materials:

● Wood
● Acrylic glass
● Stainless steel


Hardwoods are used in production. CNC machines allow us to work with this material precisely as possible. Quality doesn’t spoil over time, and the numbers don’t wash out under the influence of adverse factors. Despite its active use, wooden door signs are among the durable ones. Strong material allows protecting the door number from mechanical damage.

Many designers are choosing modern products made of wood because the main advantage of this material is its ecological and health safety. In addition, natural wood look accurate, beautiful, and modern.


Door signs are popular because of their large number of advantages. The characteristics are similar to the usual glass, but improved glass. This material is more reliable and stable. Most often, it’s transparent signs. On the background of acrylic glass, the numbers look clear and laconic.

The appearance does not deteriorate or become cloudy over time. Our wide color palette allows you to choose any shade to your liking. The most popular color is milk. 45 kinds of colors, gold, silver. Matte and gloss textures allow for ultra modern door signs.

Acrylic has excellent lightfastness and thermoplasticity. It is unaffected by corrosion and other adverse effects.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel door signs accentuate the status and look elegant. Their main advantage is durability. We guarantee a minimum of 5 years of trouble-free use. In addition to the standard colors, this material is characterized by a golden glow. Modernity is characterized by a successful combination of gray steel with wooden or black panels.

This material is easy to use, so it does not require much maintenance. It is easy to clean.

Tips for a successful choice of door numbers plates

Our range offers signs that are produced according to the latest trends in design. Modern technology and a team of professionals allow us to work at an accelerated rhythm. Additional comfort and individuality will be created by personalization. You can send a list of signs and get a sketch within 14 hours.

When choosing, it is important to consider the features and colors of the door. Basic tones, in any case, will fit perfectly in any space. If you want something standard, look for transparent door number sign that clearly show the numbers.

Benefits of our products

Our customers choose us repeatedly, which indicates high quality. The main advantages of our production are:

● Long-time experience
● Strong materials
● High customer orientation
● No defects
● Prices match the quality

Reliability is ensured by continuous development and the introduction of new designs that have no analogs. We stick to originality and creativity in all solutions. Qualified designers help us keep up with trends.

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