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What is the IG Creator Studio

Posted: April 3, 2021 at 6:54 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

IG creator studio is used to schedule Instagram posts and see post insights. This tool was available on Facebook for a long time, but a few months back, after many requests, it was introduced by Instagram for content creators and businesses. It is available for people on desktop. Life of content creators, influencers and businesses has been easy since the introduction of IG creator studio. They can now easily make posts without having to worry about their timings. We will now talk about its benefits and how to use it.

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Benefits of Instagram creator studio

IG Studio allows content creators and businesses to schedule their posts in advance. This allows them to save time as they will not have to spend time every day just to post their content. Instead of posting content daily by taking time out of their routines they can simply pre schedule the posts. One cool feature that IG creator studio provides is that businesses and content creators can also schedule IGTVs. IGTVs take up a lot of time to upload and by using this they can easily post them. They can utilize the time they save to create more content that will be appealing for the consumers. Users can also check their post insights using IG creator studio. This will allow them to see how many people are engaging on their posts in how much time. IG creator studio will also allow them to add soundtracks to their videos. This will make it easier for content creators and businesses to edit their videos. Businesses and content creators are also able to add watermarks of their logos or brand names to their content. This will help them from keeping their work safe from others.

How to connect to the creator studio

To use IG creator studio, you have to connect your account to it and for that you have to ensure three things:

  1. You have an Instagram and Facebook account
  2. Your accounts should be under the category of content creator or business account
  3. Your Instagram and Facebook accounts should be linked. 

If both your accounts are already linked, you just need to click one button to connect to IG Creator Studio. To use another Instagram account that is not connected to your Facebook account, log into your Instagram account and logout of your Facebook account and then using your Instagram login details, login to your IG Creator Studio. 

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