What is Segment and Why Did Twilio Acquire It

You have already developed a product. Congratulations. Now, what’s next? It is time to market your services to create traffic, capture your target customer’s attention, and increase sales. 

However, marketing your business is trickier than you have imagined, and you need comprehensive data about your customers to optimize all of your advertising efforts. 

This is where a customer data platform (CDP) can be a lifesaver and make your life more comfortable. With the high demand from the public, CDPs have increased in number, making your selection process challenging and complicated. 

Segment makes a name in the industry with the variety of options out there, helping it stand out from the competition. 

But if you have not heard anything about Segment before, it’s normal to have several questions in mind. Your long search for every answer is finally over as you come to the right place. 

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Segment: What Is It Really? 

When looking for a customer data platform, small, mid-size, and large organizations want the best. 

Here comes the Segment. Serving the industry for years now, it has transformed into a sought-after customer data platform built to help businesses collect and control any client information. 

It allows a team to unify customer details from every available source to empower marketing, improve sales, and take client engagement to the next level.

What Can It Improve? 

Customer information is spread out over multiple platforms, including a website, CRMs, and email systems. 

This fragmented data can create inaccuracies and inefficiencies, especially in your customer view, making data governance difficult to achieve. 

But there is nothing to be afraid of with Segment. It can particularly unify this information, offer a single customer view, enable your team to connect with the market, and improve data governance in the long run. 

Before, businesses only thought of investing in multiple custom integrations with several data sources. Things changed with Segment as it is extremely flexible. Even if it may require companies to spend an extra cost, it will lead to bigger savings at the end of the day. 

What Makes Segment CDP Stand Out from the Competition? 

Businesses of all sizes have started to switch to Segment. Why is that? Below, we present some of the reasons organizations have invested in the Segment. 

All Important Data is Available in One Place

Let’s admit it. Using data from several sources can give you a headache as you have other important responsibilities to deal with. 

Say bye to that inconvenience with Segment, as every necessary detail is stored in one place. So, you and your team will not have a hard time browsing any document, leading to a well-informed and quick business decision. 

A Constant Increase in Sales and Revenues 

You have a quality service. But why do your revenues get stagnant for the past months? While there are many contributing factors, your marketing can be the culprit. 

For the past years, promoting a business has become easier because of the availability of various marketing platforms like social media. However, companies are unable to get the most out of them.

What’s the problem? It is possible that they cannot provide well-targeted marketing to their potential clients. 

Fortunately, this will not be the case with the Segment. Having excellent access to customer data in a single dashboard will give organizations the chance to create compelling and personalized marketing content. 

Once clients’ interest is captured, you can expect a high traffic, a great conversion rate, and constant sales at the same time. 

It Comes with a Free Trial 

Some businesses stick to the traditional way of storing or organizing customer data because they are afraid of the rate of CDP. 

But you do not have to feel that way, as there is a Segment CDP that provides quality services available at a reasonable price that startups can highly afford. 

For beginners, Segment offers a free trial that comes with approximately 1,000 visitors per month, 300 integrations, and two data sources as well. That’s already a good offer. 

The services from free Segment membership are limited compared to premium packages, though. You can upgrade to any subscription plans the company provides, of course. You can visit its official website for more information. Or you can ask your friends for some referrals to save your time and avoid other unnecessary efforts. 

Twillio Acquired Segment 

The Segment was founded and established in 2012. For eight years, it has transformed into a top CDP provider in the US and other countries worldwide. 

In 2020, its avid customers were surprised when Twillio acquired Segment. This has resulted in different opinions. 

But Twillio Segment never stops surprising its clients from across the globe. The CDP is more upgraded.  

Here are a few of the promises with the newly combined Twillio Segment: 

  • It provides reliable insight into the way clients interact across a wide range of channels. As a business owner, you have to devote your time to studying your prospective customers aside from finding trustworthy investors and innovating your services. How to do that, you may ask? Let the newest Segment do all the work.  
  • You will have the ability to break down data silos. Yes, it requires extensive knowledge to break down data silos. But now, a simple experience is more than enough with the Segment. Then, it will help you make your customer engagement more impactful, relevant, timely, and customized.  
  • It Gives you access to a Top-Notch Cloud Communications Platform. Have you been looking for a way to manage customer communications like the Internet of Things, SMS, email, messaging, video, and voice without a good result? There is no need to search further than Segment. It will also give you the chance to use some of the leading cloud communication platforms. 

Now, are you planning to switch to a modern and feature-packed CDP but do not know what to choose? 

The combined Twillio and Segment got you covered! From a competitive rate to quality services, it has them all! 

You can also do your homework to help you decide with confidence! 

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