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What is MG Counterfeit Money Detection and How Does It Work?

Posted: June 16, 2022 at 10:25 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Counterfeit money is currency that is either fake or has been printed without the proper authority. There are many different kinds of counterfeit money out there, and some can be relatively easily mistaken for real money. For example, there are bills that are printed with magnetic ink that look very similar to real cash, but they aren’t real. Or maybe the color has been altered a little bit. Those kinds of mistakes can prove to be quite costly if you happen to have genuine money and swap into a counterfeit coin. This article will go over how to detect money with MG detection, as well as some other ways you can tell if you have genuine money or if you should be concerned about swapping it at a later date.

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History of Counterfeit Money

Since the beginning of currencies, people have used counterfeits to try and one-up each other and make their lives easier. During around 600 BC, in Lydia, they would produce very high quality counterfeits, that were very difficult to distinguish from the real thing. Since they used real gold and silver coins as their standard for measurements.

Another interesting thing about the history of counterfeiting money is that counterfeiting paper money has been around since we started using paper money. In China, around the 13th century when they first introduced paper money, the trees that the Chinese produced the money from were guarded 24/7 and the thieves would be killed on sight.

We are lucky to have such a good counterfeit detection in the 21st century. Fake money can wreak havoc on a business if it isn’t detected or dealt with properly, and thanks to technologies, such as money counters with counterfeit detection, we are much more secure against thieves trying to pull one over on business owners.

Magnetic Counterfeit Detection

Since the beginning of traded currencies, there have always been people trying to fake the currencies and get away with putting off fake bills as real ones. That’s why magnetic strips and magnetic inks have been placed in today’s currencies, to help deter criminals from making fake money… However, the development in the criminal market for counterfeit bills is improving. Nowadays criminals can make fake money with magnetic ink that is similar to the magnetic ink that is embedded on real money.  That is why magnetic counterfeit detection is incredibly important, as it can detect the difference between real and fake money.

How Does Magnetic Counterfeit Detection Work?

Money counting machines have multiple ways to detect a counterfeit dollar. One of them is through magnetic counterfeit detection. Every dollar that is printed today has some form of magnet inside of it, including the magnetic ink that is used. You can detect the magnetic ink through a magnet to detect the presence and magnetic attributions of magnetic ink. By doing this, you can determine if the money that you are holding is a fake or not.

Benefits of a Money Counting Machine with Counterfeit Detection

There are many benefits to owning a money counting machine, especially if it has counterfeit detection. If you are a business owner, then counting money is part of your day-to-day routine and it can be long and tiresome, and if one of those bills is fake, then you have just wasted a lot of time and didn’t even get the money for it. While at first they might seem expensive, once you consider the benefits, you will definitely want to keep one nearby. Some of the benefits include:

Counting large amounts of money quickly
Sorting money
Tracking different currencies
Finding the fake bills

Mixed denominaiton money counter with counterfeit detection [picture]. (2022). Ribao Money Counter. Source:

What is the Best Money Counting Machine with Magnetic Counterfeit Detection?

There are many magnetic counterfeit money counters that you can buy, but you get what you pay for when it comes down to the quality and durability of the detector that you buy. The best magnetic counterfeit counter that you can get is probably the BC-55, as that one not only is a counter for the money that you put into it, but it is also a bill counterfeit detector so you can make sure you have authentic bills at the same time. The value that you get, despite its higher initial price, is enormous and you won’t regret getting one of these for your business.

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