What ID Do You Need To Gamble At Online Casinos?

Gambling in an online casino has become a norm and a legal activity for countries that do not restrict their citizens from gambling in online casinos both on the country’s shores and with reputable offshore casino providers. With this activity, many game players have gotten a means of entertainment for themselves with 50 no deposit free spins and, in the same line, a means of making passive income. Not only do individuals generate income from this, the government that legalizes and regulate the operations of casinos through different gambling laws also has their share of the revenue that gambling at an online casino has.

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The gambling industry is a huge industry that has been growing over time. With the introduction and legalization of online real money casinos, the gaming industry has accrued more benefits. As a result, more operators are getting into the online gambling sphere to share the huge benefits. Different means of mitigating have been developed in line with wagering on a casino site to curb the unforeseen circumstances that may ensue with online casino gamblers. One of those means is initiating and using ID before gamers can gamble on a safe online casino.

Why Do I Need an ID at an Online Casino?

In any safe online casino, the site at one point or the other may require that an individual carry out some identification authentication to have full access into their casino account to gamble as they desire. Requesting this is not to inconvenience customers by the casino but to make sure that as a customer, you are safe on the online casino without making their customers porous to online mishaps while gambling. This form of verification, in turn, saves the casinos themselves. The verification carried out on players is known as KYC- Know your customers, which involves proper scrutiny of every account holder in the casino sites. As part of the regulation of online casinos, a verification must be done through ID for the following reasons.

To prevent abuse of bonuses: although all game players are aware that casinos make use of bonuses to attract gamers but with the use of verification through ID, casinos were able to limit excessive use of the bonuses by customers, which may, in turn, affect the casinos themselves leading to a loss for them. Additionally, with the verification, the bonus is limited to one person, ensuring players don’t have multiple/fake accounts and breach the rules of the bonus offers.

The ID is important as it can help and protect the player in the following aspects:

  • casino regulations
  • financial crimes
  • underage gambling
  • problem gambling

Part of Casino Regulations

Legitimate and licensed casinos that have their licenses from reputable bodies need to verify their customers as part of regulations, rules, and procedures that must be complied with by the casino operators. And with this, there can be prevention of fraud, money laundering, and other vices that may occur with gambling in an online casino. This will also ascertain the trustworthiness and a safe casino.

To Guide Against Financial Crimes

Lots of financial crimes are being carried out on the internet day-in-day-out. Of course, anyone can be a victim of this, but to protect the money of online casino gamblers, the verification through ID will enable the casino operators to know their customers and guide them against any form of breaching that may want to occur on a customer account without their knowledge.

To Prevent Underage Gambling

In most countries that online gambling is allowed to operate, the laws guiding online casino does not allow for underage gambling, and it’s a sensitive subject that doesn’t need to be tampered with, and no casino will want to promote such. So the only way to prevent underage gambling is to use ID verification to ensure that the gamer is up to the accepted age that allows for gaming in the online casino.

To Prevent Problem Gambling

With this verification process, you can also check the source of funds for casinos to ensure that players don’t spend more than is due without issues. For example, if a gambler has been excluded from some chasing losses, the verification will help the casino identify a problem gambler. 

What Type of ID is Needed at Online Casinos for Gambling

As earlier said, a reliable casino would demand that their gamers carry out verification on their account to meet the regulations. One of the required documents that are always asked for is the original ID of the individual. As a result, online casino game players might be wondering the type of ID that the casino might need for the verification process aside from other documents before opening an account to get everything ready. 

The casinos’ most required and accepted ID is a government-issued ID that bears the players’ picture, name, age, and other information. This will serve as a proof of identity of the gambler if such meets up with the basic requirements of opening an online casino account. As an alternative, some casinos allow players who don’t have a government issue ID to use other means to prove their identity. Such accepted documents are the driver’s license or international passport of an individual. Any other ID different from the aforementioned, like students’ ID or place of work ID, is not accepted to gamble in any online casino.

What Are the Consequences of not Having the Needed ID?

Most online casinos allow players to open an account without requiring verification at the initial registration stage and demand it after depositing into their casino account and starting wagering. At this stage, when the casino needs to verify the account holder’s identity, and you don’t have the ID needed, or the alternative, what will happen to such an account is that it will be blocked. All the money in the account will be frozen, and you won’t have full access to the account until the verification is carried out. If the account remains blocked for a long time without any attempt to carry out the ID verification, they may confiscate the winnings in the account. 


As an online casino game player, the importance of having the right ID card needed to gamble on any casino cannot be underemphasized. This will protect you from becoming vulnerable to fraudulent activities online. While registering on an online casino, ensure to use your details as required by the casino site, and in the process of verification, don’t make use of other people’s IDs. Also, use only your real details. This means your full names as available on your ID and not nicknames or other variations of your names. Doing this can also result in account blocking, as such activities will be recorded as fraudulent activity against the account owner.

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