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What Are Some Pro Arguments For Using Cryptocurrency?

Posted: April 21, 2023 at 3:43 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

The worldwide economy is certainly moving towards a new type of ecosystem, and that is digital. From multiple investments to money transfers, everything will be done without using paper. Yes, you read it right. In the financial sector, the latest addition is cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that works online. These virtual currencies are exchanged, traded, and sold over various exchange platforms like Bitcoins Effect, Kraken and Gemini, etc. 

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Cryptocurrency – In Detail 

Cryptocurrencies are a medium of exchange just like our normal conventional currencies such as US Dollar. These currencies are designed specifically to exchange digital information.

In simpler words, it is a decentralized digital currency that uses complex cryptographic puzzles for advanced security that makes it impossible to counterfeit. Moreover, it is not issued by the government or any other central authority. It cannot be taken away from you by these authorities. We have observed that over the past few years, these cryptocurrencies have gained lots of hype and people’s interest. 

Some Major Arguments About Cryptocurrencies

People all around the globe took cryptocurrencies as a threat as well as a blessing. Let’s see what some major pro arguments for using cryptocurrencies were. 

For some people, it was a new alternative to the usual currency. Because of the 2008 incident, people lost their trust in banks as they failed to protect their money. People stated that they placed their money in banks, and banks failed to provide proper security. Moreover, people claimed that they are already living in an extremely volatile system which, if pushed to the brink,another financial crisis can easily take place. Due to all this, cryptocurrency is a suitable alternative to this failed financial system. 

While some people took it as a blessing, for some it was a whole new level of danger. Due to the instability and constant price fluctuations, people did not prefer using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, etc. This unpredictability makes it difficult to trust these digital currencies for daily use. You never know when the price will change, and t can make a whole new mess. In addition to all this, the spectaculars are doing their best to ensure these values change as frequently as possible. 

Secondly, when using cryptocurrencies, the name of the user is not connected to the account. This way, users are free to use any fake name to manage their cryptocurrency digital wallets. Moreover, the identities of the owners of crypto assets are always encrypted. This is the most advanced level of privacy that no other conventional currency can provide you

Furthermore, the cryptocurrency is completely decentralized, which means that the user itself is the master of the system. No one other than you owns your currency, not even the governments or banks. 

Due to pseudo names and encryption, people are unable to trust the system and currency. As these currencies are fully decentralized and unregulated, this is also its biggest drawback. Being decentralized means there is no central power that dictates the rules of cryptocurrency. 

Moreover, if any of the users make a purchase using Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency and get ripped off, you cannot expect anyone to help you. In the same way, if your wallet gets hacked, no one can help you out. This way, these cryptocurrencies are a huge risk. 

Cryptocurrencies are the ideal currency for small-scale businesses. You just have to set up an address, and then you can easily receive money from all around the globe without dealing with the issues of bureaucracy or government laws and regulations. 

Though cryptocurrencies are still in their early period, many services willingly accept these virtual currencies as a method of payment. Over time, people are learning about cryptocurrencies. They are adopting them even more, which is leading to the unceasing growth of the crypto market. 

If, on the one hand, cryptocurrencies are a huge convenience, on the very another hand, these digital currencies can be a big inconvenience. If you hate waiting in line at grocery stores, then you might want to use cryptocurrencies for purchasing goods. A 10 to 15-minute wait for just a simple transaction is never ideal, yet this is the exact deal with Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. If you are using these cryptos to make payments, you will have to wait till the transaction is done and confirmed. All crypto payments take at least 10 minutes to get verified. 

What’s more, before even waiting for this long, you will have to make sure if the company or store even if accepts cryptocurrencies

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