Web Design Practices That Will Boost Your Conversions In 2021

Would you believe that even a small change in your web design could tremendously impact your credibility and conversion rates? Sure, setting up a website is a walk in the park, but setting up a website that converts isn’t. Unfortunately, it only takes about 0.5 seconds for your web visitors to be repulsed by your poor web design and once they leave, there almost certainly is no coming back.

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Since your web design can make or break the success of your website, here are some practices from web design Brisbane to help you boost your conversion rates this 2021:

Keep your text to a minimum

Even you do not want to read huge blocks of text when visiting web pages.  So if you want to tell your visitors something about you, your brand, and the products and services that you offer, make sure that you do not bombard them with massive chunks of text. Try telling your story in a few sentences and keep your paragraphs as concise as possible.

Pick a color scheme that matches your branding strategy

When it comes to web design, even your color choices matter. Did you know that most of the judgment that your web visitors pass on your website comes from the colors that you pick for your site? That is why it is important to only choose colors that match your brand. Look at your website and ask yourself, “does my design choice complement my company logo and brand image?” When you keep your website’s color scheme consistent with your brand, you avoid confusion.

Be clear on your call-to-action

Have you ever thought about what you want your website to achieve? If you haven’t, then you have a problem. Every single aspect of your web design should boil down to your CTA and this must be clear and obvious to your web visitors. The goal of your website is to convert your web visitors into customers, and you cannot achieve that if you do not make your CTA bold, clear, and powerful enough to stand out to your visitors. Remember, you cannot convert without a CTA button that works!

Simplify your navigation

The best tip we can give you when it comes to designing your website is to always put yourself in the shoes of your web visitors. Why do you visit websites? Because you are looking for something. Whether they want to learn more about your products and services or know your story, you should not make it difficult for your web visitors to find what they need from your website. How can you expect them to keep reading if you make it hard for them to figure things out quickly? Nobody wants to put up with cumbersome site navigation! Unless you want your website visitors to leave, make sure that they are not lost or confused when navigating your website.

Pay attention to your loading times

It may not look like it, but page loading speed has everything to do with web design. When your website acts up, you tend to put the blame on your hosting plan or server, don’t you? But didn’t you realize that your design choices also affect your loading times? Every element you add to your site impacts the time it takes for your pages to load and if your pages are taking too long to load, you have a big problem to fix. Why? Because slow loading times result in high abandonment rates. Your website visitors will not waste their precious time waiting for your pages to load, so make sure that your website is optimized well enough to give them what they need before they abandon your site.

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