Ways to Think About Data in a Post-COVID World

Joe DosSantos, Chief Data Officer at Qlik, a data and analytics company that helps enterprises around the world move faster and work smarter to get value out of data joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Joe DosSantos discuss the following:

    1. Do employees know where the data you need is to make decisions in a time of crisis like COVID-19?
    2. Do employees understand the data that drives the right decisions?
    3. How can a company’s culture be ready to put data-driven insights to work?
    4. How are data and analytics changing life in the C-suite in the era of COVID-19?

Tip: There has never been a better time to put your strategy into practice and empower your organization with data due to COVID. Companies who will come out on top are the ones who embrace innovative approaches to this crisis. And that will require you to think about data differently. Leaders will place more emphasis on understanding one of their biggest assets – data – and how they empower their other biggest asset – the people – to work with and use data for outcomes.

As Chief Data Officer, Joe DoSantos is responsible for the alignment of business and technology to enable 3rd Generation Business Intelligence at Qlik. He is responsible for use case prioritization, DataOps methodology, and the deployment of information management systems, including all of Qlik’s Data Integration and Data Analytics products. He also provides thought leadership in modern Data Architecture and Data Governance, and serves as an evangelist at major conferences and events.

Prior to Qlik, Joe was the Senior Vice President of Enterprise Information Management Technology Services at TD Bank Group, the leader of the Big Data Consulting Practice for EMC Corporation’s Professional Services Organization, and a 10 year veteran of Accenture.

Website: https://www.qlik.com

Social Media Links:
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Linkedin: linkedin.com/company/qlik

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