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VPN for Protecting Your Business

Posted: November 5, 2018 at 6:31 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Today, in the technological age, it’s crucial for a small/medium-sized business to have protection. Without it, you’re running the risk of having catastrophic consequences (like losing your data or even being blackmailed by the hackers). To keep your privacy and security, you’ll need a solid Virtual Private Network. When it comes to the best VPN, Mac and Win operating systems are equally great. What’s more important is to carefully examine the pros and cons of each Network in order to find the one(s) you like most.

For a small business, it’s almost impossible to have a security team on standby, and that’s when VPNs swoop in to save the day. Let us take a look at the best offers for the business owners. All of the following VPNs are very friendly, intuitive, easy to install, and highly configurable.

#1 – VyprVPN – An All-Around Solid Choice

The best thing about this provider is the fact that it owns every single server, which means the performance and connection speed are always high. With more than 200K IPs, 700+ servers, and 70+ locations at your disposal, VyprVPN is one of the greatest offers on the market right now. And, it comes with a free trial. Along with the industry standards like OpenVPN and PPTP protocols, this Network features its own, trademark technology (the Chameleon). Strangely enough, there isn’t much info on the official website about the business plans. You’ll need to take advantage of the free trial to learn more. There are only two packages: $300 and $350 a year.

#2 – Perimeter 81 – Arguably The Best Network For Multiple Devices

SaferVPN powers this VPN, and it’s the ultimate choice for users working with several devices to run their businesses. The clients for Mac, Win, and Linux are top-notch; the same goes for the Android and iOS apps. The servers might not be as fast as in the case of VyprVPN, but their performance is well above average. Perimeter 81 follows the no-logs policy and supports all of the modern-day security protocols. Customer support is very friendly and professional. Add a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee, a management console, and you’ll get a solid deal on your hands. Enterprise is a custom plan; with Business, you’ll have to pay 10 dollars a month for each member.

#3 – NordVPN – The Most Secure Option

With 5000+ servers, 62 locations, and industry-leading security protocols, NordVPN is here to stay. The business version is very similar to the regular one, but it comes with an account manager. Plus, the company owners get an exclusive VPN server (for internal use, of course); and, every single account gets its own, unique IP address. While the servers are not particularly fast, they are always steady (reliable), which is even more important. NordVPN comes with features like Double Encryption and Kill Switch, among others. This is a privacy-focused product and doesn’t keep any logs. Pricing is unusual: it depends on the number of users you choose.

#4 – Hotspot Shield – Offers A Great Balance

If you’re looking for a good compromise between price and performance, make sure to take a closer look at Hotspot Shield. It is fast, affordable, and easy to use. The biggest downside is the somewhat poor number of server locations.

Furthermore, there’s no management software to use. Security-vise, this VPN is on point and comes packed with all the protocols mentioned above. And, it doesn’t keep any logs on the users, which is crucial for business.  The dedicated customer support is always ready to come to your aid. 

As for the plans, there are three to choose from: the 1-month plan costs 40 bucks; if you go with the 6-month plan, the price will drop to 30 dollars a month (180 dollars once you subscribe); and finally, the 1-year plan will charge you 20 dollars a month (240 dollars for the whole thing). The last plan is very generous and might be exactly what you’re looking for in a small business.

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