US Talent Survey: Secure Employment has taken over from High Future Earnings as the most important attribute among job-seeking students

Kortney Kutsop, Managing Director Americas for Universum, the global leader in employer branding joins Enterprise Radio to discuss a recent US Talent Survey conducted by U.S. Universum.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Kortney Kutsop discuss the following:

  1. Tell us about Universum. When were you founded and what is the mission and vision of the company. 
  2. Lets talk about the US survey that was just released. Tell us some of the key findings. 
  3. How many participated in the study and what are the demographics of the participants? 
  4. Why do you feel job security is so important these days, and ethical standards as it seems that was one of the areas that recent grads are keen on? 
  5. Do you feel that based on the findings, that employers meeting the needs of potential employees as outlined in the findings? 
  6. This was a big year for Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology and Public Sector & Governmental Agencies across the board. Any insight as to why? 
  7. How does young talent prioritize compensation, career aspirations and other benefits? 
  8. You will also be releasing a list of the Most Attractive Employers in the US which is your yearly ranking. When will that list be out? 
  9. If wanted to read the full talent survey, where would I find it?

Kortney Kutsop is the Managing Director Americas at Universum. Universum delivers the critical talent market insights, winning brand strategies and compelling, story-led communication organizations need to compete more effectively for the talent. Kortney has over 15 years of employer branding experience. She has developed and implemented recruitment and branding strategies for many of Universum’s clients including Fortune 500 companies. Kortney is an expert on employer brand research and EVP development. Her experience positions her for providing best practices and advice on how to deploy the employer brand.

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