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Upskilling, Maintaining, and Modernizing the Workforce with’s Jeremy Tillman

Posted: February 22, 2022 at 11:07 am / by / comments (0)

Jeremy Tillman, the Founder and CEO of, the web’s largest training marketplaces offering career development and skills courses from the individual to the corporate level joins Enterprise Radio.

Listento hostEric Dye& guest Jeremy Tillman discuss the following:

  1. What is and how can companies and individuals utilize the platform?
  2. Right now, America is going through what many have coined “The Great Resignation”. What can companies do be prepared to deal with it and even more importantly, try and reverse this tide?
  3. Another buzzword right now is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion or D-E-I. How can companies make sure they are doing more than just paying lip service to this important initiative and how can help companies with their DEI training?
  4. Like many things, virtualization of learning and training really took off during COVID, how should companies be looking to maximize the ability to create training for employees that they can complete on their own time?
  5. The one criticism of virtual learning is that it can be a bit passive at times or people can claim they’ve taken it by just leaving it on in the background. How does work to ensure it is a more interactive experience?

Jeremy Tillman is passionate about empowering growth through education and technology. Tillman’s first entrepreneurial adventure began when he was still in college at the University of Alabama Huntsville. He Co-founded Solarchrome, which developed internet storefronts for small businesses. Tillman graduated with honors and continued his studies with SMU’s Cox School of Business entrepreneurship series. Tillman moved from Solarchrome to become the Internet Systems Architect at Trinity Consultants, managing their internal internet web properties and external client internet applications. He founded in 2004 in an effort to meet the growing need for a centralized training technology resource. He is the principal architect behind the advanced learning, performance, and talent management web-based solutions that delivers. is the web’s largest training marketplace. It has provided training to over 50,000 companies, including nearly all of the Fortune 500. By partnering with industry leading providers such as Global Knowledge, SkillPath, Skillsoft, and more, has curated over 300,000 instructor-led training events and 20,000 online courses and videos. also specializes in creating custom learning, performance, and talent management solutions. It has developed technology and training solutions capable of building, tracking, managing, and assessing enterprise-wide initiatives for large corporations.


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