Understanding the Advantages of Digital Inventory Management with Mark Nix, SVP Alliances and Strategic Solutions

Mark Nix, the Senior Vice President of Alliances and Strategic Solutions at Cloud Inventory® and an expert in digital inventory management joins Enterprise Radio. Mark joins us to deconstruct the many benefits of leveraging the power of the cloud to manage inventory and what companies should do in preparation to go digital.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Mark Nix discuss the following:

  1. How have approaches to inventory management changed with the digital transformation currently underway?
  2. Has the Covid-19 pandemic impacted this push for digital?
  3. As companies continue to migrate towards digital inventory management, what are some of the key steps in preparation they should consider?
  4. How does digital inventory management help meet customer demands?
  5. I’m hearing a continual theme of inventory outside of the four walls. What’s different about that?

As the Senior Vice President of Alliances and Strategic Solutions, Mark Nix ensures Cloud Inventory® customers are empowered with real-time inventory visibility at all points in the supply chain, from the warehouse to the field.

An accomplished senior executive, Nix has over 30 years of experience as a passionate and innovative sales leader specializing in building high-caliber engineering organizations. Today, Nix leads a team that prides itself on seeing themselves in customers’ business challenges, regardless of the industry or specific supply chain needs.

Equipped with breakthrough supply chain knowledge, Nix helps Cloud Inventory create and deliver world-class technology solutions that enable customers to run their businesses more efficiently and drive sustainable growth.

Based in Kansas City, Cloud Inventory’s global team has the supply chain knowledge and mobile-first development expertise to deliver solutions that solve today’s business challenges.

Website: cloudinventory.com

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