Understanding How Businesses in Atlanta Can Harness Flexible Staffing Services

The need for companies around the world to remain competitive in terms of costs drives them to outsource recruitment, which in itself is resource-consuming. Added to this is the fact that suchbusinesses (on their own) often experience difficulty finding reliable employees due to varying factors, including the scarcity of highly skilled talents. Even if they find potential candidates, the screening and evaluating process could take some time, not to mention the overhead cost.

According to statistics, it costs a company at least $4,129 to hire a new employee and this number could potentially increase if the wrong candidate is employed. Thankfully, in today’s market, employers can turn to flexible staffing services for their recruitment woes. Here’s a look at how such platforms can assist businesses in Atlanta.

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The Benefits of Flexible Staffing in Atlanta

Atlanta is a bustling city that is home to thriving industries, companies, and research institutions that are constantly in need of qualified individuals to join their teams. In addition to the above-mentioned factors, the city’s economy is robust, having a GDP of $626 billion, as reported by U.S. News. Also, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the unemployment rate to be 2.3% as of December 2021.

The area has so much potential and growth that many businesses are expanding and thus having difficulty finding qualified candidates for their positions. Thankfully, flexible staffing offers these businesses the opportunity to fill such positions without spending tons of resources on the process. Here are some benefits that come with it.

A Range of Talent to Choose from

Flexible staffing services make it possible for businesses to access a broad pool of candidates. A platform like Upshift has thousands of active candidates in their network, all of whom are in a ready-to-hire state. As such, businesses can choose to fill their positions through temporary employees, part-time workers, or even freelancers. This is unlike the situation with traditional permanent staff recruitment, which is often time-consuming, costly, and inefficient.

Having flexible staffing is very beneficial for businesses that have to juggle multiple projects, such as those in the finance and healthcare sectors. The recruitment model eliminates the need for an organization to screen, interview, and evaluate candidates. After all, the business wouldn’t have to incur the cost of training and onboarding new employees.

Take Upshift for example. The platform only hires the best. Around 12% of applicants are approved to join the team, indicating the service’s commitment to excellence. Considering this hiring approach, Upshift has been able to sit above the industry’s average of 42% when it comes to successful job completion. It scores 95.6% on the quality scale.

Reduced Costs

On-demand staffing in Atlanta significantly reduces the costs that are associated with recruitment. Hiring a new employee can indeed be expensive, as elaborated in the introductory part of this guide. However, when businesses hire via flexible staffing services, they can significantly reduce the costs incurred as a result of advertising vacancies, screening resumes, interviewing candidates, and training them.

The staffing platform handles the recruitment process, team management, payroll, and benefits so that businesses can focus on core areas, such as profitability and customer service. This makes flexible staffing a big cost-saver. On Upshift, employers save up to 50 cents on every dollar spent hiring an Upshifter. Also, there is no monthly subscription or any related costs whatsoever.

Clients only pay each time they hire employees. Generally, on-demand staffing services offer flexible pricing options, so a business can choose to pay either hourly or by the project. This is unlike the traditional permanent recruitment models, where the employer has to sign a multi-year contract that makes them pay a fixed rate for a set number of hires.

The Opportunity to Upscale and Downscale as Desired

With flexible staffing, companies can scale up or down their employee numbers, depending on the season and availability of other resources. For example, if a catering agency has extra work to be done, it can simply recruit a temporary workforce via an on-demand staffing platform, such as Upshift. Once the work is completed, the company simply sends the employees back to the platform for re-hiring or re-deployment elsewhere.

The system also offers a platform for companies to manage their workforce efficiently. Aside from rehiring employees who they value working with monthly or even daily, clients can also keep tabs on invoices and schedules online. To put it another way, they are always up-to-date regarding what’s going on with their employees.

Better Work-Life Balance

The nature of on-demand recruitment, in the manner it cuts down the recruitment costs, is such that employees can work from home, in the office, or anywhere else. This enables them to maintain a healthy work-life balance that is essential for productivity, which in turn promotes business success.

According to a survey by Stanford University, remote workers work longer hours, are more productive and committed to their companies, and have fewer sick days than those who work in offices. A Gallup study also showed that 54% of traditional employees would consider quitting their current job for one with flexible hours.

These are some of the top reasons why flexible staffing is growing at an amazing rate. It’s now considered a “trend” that businesses need to tap into. The best part is that it doesn’t require any major capital outlay, which means no start-up fees. The only cost a company has to pay is the cost per hire.

Industries That Thrive on Flexible Staffing

For companies in Atlanta, flexible staffing is a must if they want to experience better business growth. Many industries can greatly benefit from on-demand recruitment, including:

Cultural attractions and convention centers
Administrative, clerical and call centers
Warehouse, manufacturing, and printing
Fulfillment and distribution
Hotels, catering and events

Upshifters can perform jobs in the above-mentioned industries at any given moment. All they have to do is submit their information on the Upshift platform and be matched with employers.


Flexible staffing solutions can be extremely beneficial, not just for employers but also for employees. Workers can achieve a better work-life balance, flexible working hours, and remunerations. Such solutions also allow employers to remain competitive in their industries by getting access to a wider pool of skilled talents.

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