TRU Protection uses post consumer waste plastics

Keiko Napier who created her second company, TRU Protection joins the Green Business Podcast Show. Tru Protection works with artists to create dramatic cell and tablet covers manufacturing predominantly in the U.S. using post consumer waste plastics.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Keiko Napier discuss the following:

  • Tell us a little about TRU Protection.
  • We’ve heard about Heather Brown…tell us about her connection to TRU Protection.  Is she a part of a larger artist community you work with?
  • What are your goals for the company this year?
  • We know you’ve been involved with Power Support USA and Tru Protection.  Is the screen film the same?  Tell us about the new TRU film.
  • We see a lot of water and ocean inspired work in the TRU line.  Is this a passion of yours?

Duration: 7:11

In 2004 Keiko Napier was a recently divorced mother searching for a way to support herself and two young sons. What Keiko may have lacked in business and technological experience, she made up with a tenacious determination and the help of her family in Japan as she founded a web-based business out of her garage in Burbank, California.

Intuitive business sense, an acute understanding of design accompanied by the luxury of selling a product that she truly believed in translated into rapid growth.  Then in 2009 Keiko turned her sights on realizing a desire to start a company whose focus would be ecologically responsibility and have a philanthropic component to support of her community.

Keiko created her second company TRU Protection that works with artists to create dramatic cell and tablet covers manufacturing predominantly in the U.S. using post consumer waste plastics. In giving back to the community, TRU and the artists donate a portion of the proceeds to foundations focusing on community and environmental outreach.

For what has more tru value than helping to sustain and protect the community and the environment that we all share!

About TRU Protection

Female and minority owned, TRU Protection was established in 2007 with a mission to supply the best accessories we can while maintaining a socially conscious stand.  All of our cases are made in America out of post-consumer recycled plastics with the packaging containing no plastic components.  In addition to the made in America aspect, we also want to give back where we can. With the majority of the TRU case collections, we align artists with various foundations, donating a portion of all sales to the foundation.  It is with the mission to make a difference as a business that we continue to move forward with these methodologies!


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