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Trade Binary Options is 60 Seconds

Posted: November 14, 2020 at 12:23 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

For those who are impatient, the 60-second binary option allows them to trade and see results within a minute. This way, the trader can make multiple trades in just one day.

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However, this method of trade requires a lot of experience and a certain level of expertise.

How It Works

Just like with other binary options online trading, you guess a trade. If you believe that this trade will be worth more in a minute, you will buy an option. The results will be announced a minute later.

The payout is roughly 60-70%, but if you made a wrong guess, you lost all your invested money.

The Strategy  

This strategy is pretty basic. There are only two steps to be followed which are as follows;

  • When making the short-term investment, find support levels, pivot points and resistance levels. All these levels are used on long-term investments as well and are essential in short-term trade too.
  • Once the trade is set up, ensure that it has a large number of investors. Create noise as this will play in your favor and help you earn more.


This method of trade is loved because it allows the trader to trade as much as they want in a day. It’s a short-term opportunity that can pay out a lot. Especially for impatient people, this method of trade is quite suiting.

This also allows the trader to earn significantly with strong trades. For instance, if USD is having an intense morning, the chances are that still will be the case after a minute. So, the user can enter, invest, get the results and get a huge payout.

This strategy is an excellent way of having earned much money. It will help you seize every great opportunity possible.


It is a 50/50 guess. Where you are earning so much money, you are losing as well. And on some bad days, you might end up losing more than you are earning.

The short-term trades are not as profitable as long-term trades with more significant payouts. So, where it is all good for mediocre trades, you might lose good ones.

The payout in this type of trade is also lesser than the long-term trades. Which means that even with a lot of good wins, you are probably not earning as much as in a long-term trade.

In conclusion, this trade has much potential, especially if the trader learns how to not over-trade and keep all trades in balance.

Types Of Strategy 

Multiple tricks and techniques can be used to win an option. There are two types of trade strategies that can prove to be profitable;

  • Charting and technical analysis This is the technical analysis of graph charts. They show reoccurring pricing and their trends and patterns. They can easily be translated into trading strategies.

Even if this simple technique is not that useful, it does give a fundamental technical analysis and outlines specific patterns that can help make decisions about trades.

  • Fundamentals This analysis is a precondition for types of investment when it comes to trading. It is too short to fit well with a binary option, but there are certain conditions where it helps in creating potential routes to follow in trades.

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