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Top tools for finding water leaks in a multi-level dwelling

Posted: August 3, 2019 at 10:33 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Water leaks are sometimes the cause of distress for many building owners. Finding water leaks can be difficult and hard to remedy.  In a multi-level dwelling property, it’s important to know what causes water leaks, how they are found, and how they are repaired. Such a leak can happen anytime and will affect everyone living in the building. And if it’s not fixed right away, it could be costly. There are leaks that be noticed right away while other leaks can go undetected that’s happening for weeks already before someone notices. If there is a water leak in the building, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it already a severe problem. Since it’s hard for homeowners to locate a certain leak, they would need to call for help from a plumber in Dural Sydney. Plumbers are the only professionals who can help a resident in finding the source of the leak. They use special tools to find the leak such as the following:

Video pipe inspection tool

This is the best tool to discover where exactly the leaks are. It’s also the most popular tool used by experts. Plumbers call it a “snake tool.” This a small video camera typically with an LED light mounted on a long fiber optic cables. Plumbers insert this into plumbing outlets such as faucets and send it down to the pipe. The camera connects to a video monitor where a plumber can see the interior of the pipe and locate the leak. This is very helpful since other leaks are hard to see from the outside. One thing is true though, if you have a good quality kitchen faucet, or any faucet for that matter, this will help diminish water leaks within the home or office. There is more to to understand about faucets in this article.

Thermal scanners

A leak in the pipe is likely to change the temperature around the pipe, especially for hot water pipes. Thermal scanners are used by plumbers to spot a change of temperature through the drywall, concrete, wood, and other materials. The scanner creates a thermal image through the temperature it read on the surfaces.

Specialized audio equipment

Leaks always create noise, even the smallest one. This tool assists a plumber in detecting a leak through cabinets, walls, and other furnishings. Basically, it works like a stethoscope. It is placed on a surface then the plumber listens to the sound using a headphone. Through the sound being amplified, it helps the plumber get a better idea where the leak is coming from before aiming to access it.

Electromagnetic pipe locator

This tool works pretty much the same as a radio antenna. Plumbers send electromagnetic waves that bounce around the pipes. It sends back a signal through the receiver where the plumber is able to map out the location of the pipe and know what it looks like . Through this, a plumber can spot if there are anomalies on the pipe. This type of tool is commonly used for non-metallic pipes such as PVC pipe. 

Aside from this equipment, one important tool that plumbers use is their own minds. They have been trained for this type of job, plus they have the proper knowledge to figure out what the problem is and get to the correct results.

These tools are very expensive and difficult to use for someone without proper training. Even if someone knows how to operate them, fixing the actual leak can still be trouble. Without the skills and education of a plumber, these tools can be useless. Finding a water leak in any foundation is not easy. Specialized equipment is used, and only those trained professional can use these tools properly. Water leak detection is a very delicate process since pipes are hidden in the foundation of the building. It is essential that a plumber should be called to perform this task because plumbers know exactly what they are doing.

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