Top Bathroom Design Trends to Look for in 2023

Finding the perfect bathroom remodel Bellevue, WA, could be more challenging than you thought. There are too many options, and they seem to get pricier daily. Luckily, we are here to make your work much easier.

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You wouldn’t want to spend time scratching your head over which upgrades you may need in the next year. We will be sharing some of the bathroom remodeling ideas that are sure to dominate 2023.

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More Thoughts on The Overall Design

We have noticed over the years that white baths have been the dominating option. While that will never grow old, there seems to be an upscale in designs that have more color, texture, and pattern. Many bathroom remodeling Bellevue, WA services have recorded a surge in the number of customers requesting more sophisticated shapes.

Simple, elegant lines and darker finishes are becoming more and more popular. Also, get ready to see more plaster walls and showers this year.

In short, more bathroom trends in 2023 will lean more on attractive stone, texture, special hardware, and more appealing lighting. There is anticipated growth in the use of boulder stone options like Calcutta Viola, Verdes, and many others.

In addition, homeowners are prioritizing functionality and efficiency in their bathrooms today more than ever. They are dedicating more time to custom cabinets and use well-thought lighting options. These trends will dominate 2023 and the years to come.

Retreat in the Bathroom

The last few years have seen more use for bathroom spaces. Many of us have found a use for their untapped potential of becoming our wellness area. Many bathroom remodel Bellevue designers have mentioned this as a top trend.

Homeowners are seeking ways to create lounge spaces on the tubs, with tables and housing candles and glasses of wine. There are also sitting areas to make the bathroom as comfortable as possible.

According to some interior designers, more and more customers are looking for a ‘spa-like’ experience in their bathroom. This depends on one’s ability, but there are different options to meet specific demands.

A Classic Appearance in Modern Bathroom Spaces

Most homeowners have found great attractiveness in mixing the old and new to make more inviting spaces. It is the same story with the resurgence of antiques and vintage pieces that eventually become priceless in our homes. This has become a trend in bathroom and kitchen remodeling Bellevue with some designers recommending the mix of old and new. This is true, especially in a home that collects antiques and wants to fit everything in the home.

There has been a huge surge in homeowners wanting to incorporate antique furniture to reflect millwork. We have seen them installing art above bathroom spaces and setting mirrors in the most creative ways.

It is not surprising when wood becomes a popular material for bathroom flooring, shelving, and cabinetry. In addition, the use of antique vanities, stone trough sinks, and beautifully aged stones will be on the rise this year. It’s not just about developing those delicious designs but more about creating inviting places where someone can spend a splendid time for one or two hours.

More Plants

Just like in Bellevue kitchen remodeling, we will see more plants in bathrooms in 2023 than ever. Pinterest has predicted the surge of biophilic designs that will have the bathroom covered too.

More and more people are finding the need to have some green in their bathrooms, which is working well. Plants bring more life to the bathroom and make it more attractive. It’s no wonder many bathroom remodelers are recommending it.


There are so many ways you can design our bathroom in 2023. The trends we have mentioned here are only the tip of the iceberg. Call us to discover more, or hire our services to upgrade your bathroom.

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