Top 5 indicators for a quality addiction treatment program with Daybreak Alcohol & Drug Rehab

Consumption of alcohol and drugs has become a part of popular culture. The flashy advertisement for beers and tobacco by your favorite celebrity is just an example. But you may not notice when the narrow line between social drinking and addiction got blurred and those substances have become your habit. So, if you feel that you have lost control over yourself and are dependent on the substance, get help quickly.

Since there are thousands of rehabilitation centers and treatment programs, it will be very difficult to find quality treatment programs. There are also rehabilitation centers that offer medication-assisted treatment for Opioid help as well. You can look at this guide if you or your loved one is looking for a good treatment program that will help in quick recovery and promise lifelong sobriety.

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1. Credential HealthCare professionals

One of the criteria for good addiction treatment is that it is overseen by credentialed staff. You need to ensure that the programs are conducted by highly trained and qualified professionals who use their experience to get the best recovery results.

So, whenever you are looking for a rehab, make sure to take note of the credential of the staff and ensure that their therapists and counselors have relevant degrees and experience in the field.

2. Quick access

For a treatment program to be effective, it needs to be easily accessible. For a person who is addicted, there will be many periods of withdrawal, and many times there can go on relapse. In such a situation, the addicted person needs quick treatment. If the program is taking a long time to admit the person, their condition will get worst. Therefore, a person with abuse issues needs a treatment program that is easy to access.

3. A holistic and integrated treatment program

There are chances for the person who is abusing substances for a long time to suffer from some mental disorders. They may be having issues like anxiety, stress, depression, other mental disorders, or some other health issues. Therefore individuals need to look for a treatment program that will address their mental and physical health as well.

The patients need to look for rehab like Daybreak best rehab near Philly which takes a holistic approach to the recovery process. They will monitor the addicted person; will study their family and social background, and make individualized treatment programs according to their needs. They will also provide various outpatient programs like community care projects, sports, and trekking that will help in improving the mental health of the person who issuffering from substance and alcohol addiction. Such treatments will help the addicted person to reconnect with their inner self and body, and recover quickly.

4. A safe and non-judgmental environment

One of the biggest criteria for a person who is suffering from addiction to recover is a safe and secure environment. Many of the people who are addicted may have started to abuse alcohol or drugs because of a sense of insecurity, shame, loneliness, fear of judgment, and a craving to fit in. So, if the person is put in a treatment program that is abusive or does not respect the person and judges them, it will aggravate their situation.

A quality treatment program will be cheerful, comfortable, and will provide a safe environment. They will treat them with respect and will not judge. A respectful environmentis a must-have for a treatment program.

5. Strategies to retain patients

A top-notch addiction treatment program will employ strategies to make the addicted person stay in the program. To make the patients stay in the programs, employing strategies that will gain the patient’s trust is crucial. The program will be more transparent and will have good communication between staff and patients. They will also promote outdoor activities like trekking or horse riding or other game to engage the patients. Such a program will be having a low dropout rate.

So, if your loved one is struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, make sure that they are given proper help. Look for the above-mentioned criterion and provide the best for the special ones in your life.

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