TOP 5 Best Educational Podcasts

The Best Educational Podcasts That Can Boost Your Thinking

Everything is changing very quickly in our age, and we need to constantly explore new horizons to stay in the loop. The ideal format for modern education is podcasts, or a series of cognitive audio, which will be especially useful if you have too little time to read specialized literature. You can listen to podcasts anywhere: inline, on the subway, on the run. Podcasts allow you to spend your free time as useful as possible. Here are five popular educational podcasts on a variety of topics.

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Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know has been at the top of the charts for ten years. SYSK has been around for a long time and is popular with many students, and you will find podcasts on any topic: science, pop culture, history, psychology, business, etc. The podcasts are hosted by two men, Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark. Both are not experts in science, but their voices inspire confidence, and they professionally present information. Their episodes are played in simple and understandable language, which is very good for busy students who find it difficult to understand scientific terms. Chuck and Josh cover the most difficult topics, and their accessible approach to explanation makes the platform very useful.

Encyclopedia Womannica

Your teacher asked you to write an essay on outstanding women? Rather, go to Encyclopedia Womannica because there is a collection of famous and successful women from different centuries. The show covers different cultures and countries, so each of you can find a woman here who will inspire you to create an interesting article. The presenters talk about the trials, triumphs, and contributions of outstanding women from all walks of life. For example, you can meet women poets, artists, mathematicians who have defended civil rights for many years. The presenters tell each episode about one woman and devote a month to only one direction: dreamers, discoverers, designers, villains, STEM specialists. The podcasts are only five minutes long, but they are very informative and are published every weekday.

Climate Cast

Climate Cast tells the audience about what changes are taking place in the climate, what this may lead to in the future. Renowned meteorologist Paul Huttner hosts the program. Knowledgeable and impressive guests attend his shows, such as politicians Al Gore and scientists from meteorological institutes, who share their experiments in this area. His podcasts cover many topics, from Hurricane Dorian to guides on how to deal with climate change. The presenter approaches each topic very consciously, clearly, and with suitable evidence. Therefore many listeners trust him. Podcasts always run differently: from 4 to 40 minutes. If your teacher asked you to write climate research, listening to podcasts is a great way to share ideas, rather than spending hours studying books.

101 Series – Innovative Language

Do you need Spanish homework help or any other language because you are confused in words? Here you will find many podcasts that cover the languages of different countries. The host discusses languages and accompanies the podcast with a detailed analysis of the individual elements of a particular language. Here you will learn to understand words better, what they mean, where to use them, and how you can use them in other contexts. You will also learn more about the grammar, spelling, and vocabulary of a foreign language. With Innovative Language, you will learn vocabulary and can quickly speak with teachers in class or travel.

Overheard at National Geographic

National Geographic has collected podcasts for science adventurers. These podcasts can be called serials from the life of employees of the National Geographic head office. All episodes are different and connected, which makes the program very diverse. For example, you might find a podcast about Indian tourism or an archaeologist’s scuba diving trip searching for the sunken Atlantis. After each release, you will be able to think about new topics rarely raised in history and geography lessons. The podcasts are less than half an hour-long, making them a good companion on your commute or lunchtime. With the help of National Geographic, you will learn more about the wild world of Africa, which has always been sent behind closed doors, or interesting facts about Egypt. You can always apply the acquired knowledge when creating presentations or writing academic papers.

Philosophize This!

Philosophy has a bad reputation for being snobbish and opaque. However, it doesn’t have to be dull textbooks or arcane discussions if you want to learn its vital lessons. Stephen West, the podcast’s host, works to promote education through the sharing of ideas that have influenced the society we live in. You’ll learn a workable, buildable understanding of anything from media theory studies to numerous theories of justice, and it’s designed to be eaten in a roughly chronological way. Start at the beginning if you want to get the most out of this program. It presents a comprehensive summary of philosophy’s major ideas that is understandable to those who do not have a philosophy degree.

99 % Invisible

99 % Invisible focuses on the parts of architecture and design that are often overlooked. It is hosted by Roman Mars, a radio producer and one of the creators of Radiotopia, which distributes a variety of podcasts, including this one. Mars discusses a specific design in each episode and invites his guest to explain the history and influences behind it. With his soft and rich voice, he delivers fascinating, educational, and skillfully produced broadcasts. The show will pique your interest with unique topics such as artificial intelligence, the McMansion phenomenon, the story of curb cuts, and others. There is always something exciting and unfamiliar around us, and you should investigate it and pay attention to it. 99 % Invisible is currently one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes, the Internet, and most radio stations.

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