Top 5 Benefits of Online Whiteboard Tools

With so many companies working remotely for the first time in the past two years, online whiteboard tools have become extremely popular. Not only that, they have proven to be an essential asset when it comes to project management, team organization, brainstorming, online learning, and so much more.

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But, do you know what are the top benefits of online whiteboard tools, and what makes them so easy to use? Let’s explore it together.

1. They Are Constantly Changing

Depending on the permissions you’ve set in your online whiteboard tool, each employee can edit, delete, and contribute to your board from the comfort of their home office. And it’s not just about how easy it is to make the changes and keep the whole team in the loop. Online whiteboards save the history of your boards, so you can see who changed what, when and why (if you’re using the comment feature).

2. Options Are Practically Limitless

Since the technology has advanced, most online whiteboards will give you an option to add photos, illustrations, documents, or even videos and voice memos to your boards. Besides improving the creative flow, these features can make your ideas more understandable to anyone who sees them. Which can be quite useful if you’re onboarding new employees, or collaborating with different departments within your company.

3. They Have Pre-Made Templates

If you’re struggling to create and organize a good whiteboard for your team, you can simply pull out one of the templates and start there. These templates are easily editable, so you can always switch things around to make them work for your team.

Depending on the online whiteboard tool you’re using, you might even be able to access public whiteboard templates other teams have created for themselves. It’s a great option if you’re just starting with online whiteboards and aren’t quite sure what to do with them.

4. You Can Integrate Them With Other Tools

This also depends on the specific tool you’re using, but nowadays most tools can integrate with other software. For example, you can integrate your whiteboard with a project management tool for easier task delegation. Or you can integrate it with your internal chat tools to ensure that any changes don’t go unnoticed.

Other options you have are integrating the board with video call platforms, or designing platforms. Whatever your department is in charge of, you can probably find a way to combine several tools into a board to make everything easier.

5. You’ll Increase Collaboration Within Your Team

Popping up a whiteboard during planning or brainstorming meetings can be a game changer for your team. Each employee will be able to contribute, illustrate their own ideas, which can easily spark up someone else’s mind and lead to a snowball effect of ideas.

Even if you’re doing a job that traditionally requires a bit more solitude, online whiteboards are a great way to share ideas with someone who will have a completely fresh outlook on what you’ve already created.

Wrap Up

These are by no means the only benefits of whiteboards. Besides what we’ve talked about, they’re great for workshops, online classes, organization, as well as analytics.

But if you really want to see what an online whiteboard tool can do for you, it’s best that you give it a try. Most tools offer free, or at least trial versions of their software, which should give you enough time to test out all the cool features and see how they could benefit your team.

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