Top 5 Apps to Create Metaverse Avatars

From the moment Facebook unveiled the metaverse, news has constantly been emerging about what it encompasses and means for the digital currency and how it will influence how we interact on the network.

Starting from this, the most necessary process arises, which is not the way to create the avatars that will represent us within this beautiful virtual world.

This new virtual world will be the one that will create Meta. This new name encompasses Facebook and Instagram, which promises to become the new boom of recent times, even though very few people know about this majestic project.

It will be a world in which we can all interact if we wish, so it is essential to create and have avatars that look like us.

The process of creating an avatar is fun and exciting, but it is a process that must be followed step by step to develop perfect avatars for when you enter the metaverse.

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How to create an avatar and most outstanding applications for it

Already soaked in the subject, we will focus on learning to develop our avatars to be used in the future within the metaverse; they can also be used currently within Meta, for which three avatars can be generated once for each platform, such as Quest, Facebook, and Instagram.

But there are also many platforms for creating avatars; below, we will mention the most outstanding and currently used.

  • Zepeto: This application is one of the most fascinating of the moment; it is a simple application that does not precisely waste originality.

It is straightforward to say that the three-dimensional avatars that are created with zepeto are nothing more than a copy of the Apple Emoji, possibly so.

Although there is no doubt that this application was developed by the SNOW corporation, which Naver owns, developers of the Line instant messaging application, which is at its peak and has managed to surpass the iPhone’s virtual avatars.

The success of zepeto is not based only on its ability to develop three-dimensional clones, but this application is at the same time a social network, which offers users, in general, to interact with many people through their virtual selves.

  • Memoji: This application is a resource offered by the iPhone, allowing personalized avatars to apply and send in messaging applications. To create an avatar in this application, it is only enough to enter the icon of the same direction on the mobile keyboard and make the avatar step by step as desired.

When starting a conversation in the messaging application, the avatar can be implemented to improve the interaction between users; it is also possible to customize the avatar by selecting the gender, hair color, skin color, hairstyle, eye color, and many other features that give it a resemblance to the natural person.

  • Bitmoji: this application allows us to develop our real story using a preferred avatar without creating a prototype, essentially if we want to bring a character to life or integrate it into our real life. It is a tool that provides possibilities to choose from a massive library of available avatars.

This application also allows you to add your favorite pet and use all the accessories provided by the platform; you can even add special filters and set a background theme very, particularly for special characters.


All these applications allow your creativity to fly, develop at ease, new characters to interact in a much more comfortable way on social networks, but the purpose of these tools is to develop this ability to be prepared when it starts. The metaverse becomes part of everyday life.

These applications are complete, with which it is possible to manage and have the environment or world of avatars at complete disposal at the required time.

This step of creating our clone is essential to be part of the metaverse; it is a world that offers many economic benefits since it operates based on cryptography, that is, with tokens and cryptocurrencies, which are currently the ones that move the digital economy.

The future lies in following in the footsteps of technology, which advances very quickly, and we cannot be left behind since there are many benefits that we can obtain from it today; what is driving the economy and is based on technology are virtual currencies.

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