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Top 4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Renting Temporary Office Space

Posted: November 14, 2018 at 11:45 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Are you planning to visit a city with the intention of earning some new business? While you could try to get by with the office centre at the hotel, why not rent office space where you can get work done and possibly have a few prospective clients in for meetings? If that idea sounds promising, here are a few questions you should answer before entering into any type of temporary office sharing arrangement. 

What Type of Space Do You Need?

Take a moment and consider the kind of temporary work space you need. Certainly you will want an office where you can set up your computer equipment and close the door for some privacy. Along with the office, you may also want to rent Toronto Agile offices boardroom for rent so there’s space to have several clients in at one time. Between the private office and access to a conference or board room, you will be prepared for just about any type of business meeting. 

How Long Will You Need It?

How many days will you be in town? It’s a good idea to rent office space for one more day than you believe it will be needed. Should you end up staying longer than originally anticipated, there’s time to update the arrangements. 

Even if you don’t expect your stay to be extended, that extra day gives you more time to pack up your equipment and prepare it for shipping back to your home office. The fact that you don’t have to rush will help make the end of your trip less stressful. 

Do You Have a Location in Mind?

Is there a part of town that would serve your purposes a little better? Maybe you need to rent Toronto Agile offices boardroom for rent in an area that has plenty of public parking. Perhaps you want it located near public transport. Your plan may be to take potential clients to lunch; office space that’s within easy walking distance of several restaurants is a great idea. Decide what you need in terms of location and that will make it all the easier to find the ideal space. 

What Amenities Should Come With the Rented Space?

Before you rent office space, find out what amenities come with the rental agreement. Will you receive basic janitorial services for the duration of the rental? How about reception support? Is there catering available if you want some sort of buffet set up in the conference room? Make sure you have everything needed to make your work days productive. 

Remember that you only want to deal with a reputable firm when it comes to renting temporary office space. That’s why you want to rent Toronto Agile offices boardroom for rent when you come to town. Doing so ensures you have exactly what you need and always have access to support personnel if something out of the ordinary arises. 

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