Top 10 Popular Clothing Products on Shopify

Are you trying to start your online business? Is this online business accidentally a Shopify online store? Have you ever thought of starting a Shopify dropshipping store? 

If the answer to these questions is yes,  then I recommend you to read this article. 

One important thing you need to know before starting an online store is the answer to this basic question: What am I supposed to sell? 

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Well, the answer is hidden under the pile of top selling products available on the Top Shopify stores and there’s a huge list of Shopify stores!  

You need to find out about the desires of your customers. The key point is to understand what people are buying the most and why. 

That’s why we’re here to share the list of 10 most popular clothing products on Shopify stores.

Trending products to sell on Shopify

But hey, first let’s take a look at the list of trending products with crazy annual growth rates. In such growing competition, there is surely a room for you to enter the market and make your own way.

If you are an intellectual trying to make money, it’s the time. People are looking for books online more and more nowadays. Well, if you think about it, it’s actually safer and easier to buy the book you heard about from a friend last week online. It’s almost impossible to buy a book online which doesn’t fit you, or its cover color is different from what you saw in the pictures. Maybe that’s the reason behind the dramatic growth of 1751% in selling books last year.

Now, the first thing people are looking for on online clothing stores these days is a fashionable top. Yes, tops with more than 240% of annual growth rate are very trendy right now.

Dresses, shirts, and t-shirts stand next. There will never be a time that people would stop asking for a beautiful dress, or a comfy shirt. 

You probably have noticed that new trends of accessories are out there everyday and people are longing for them. So yes, earrings, rings and necklaces could be a good option for sale on your shopify store.

Most popular products on Shopgram 

Last time in Shopgram, when we were looking for the most popular products on Shopify , we realized that the online clothing business is today’s potential money maker. 

It makes more sense if I say from the top 10 popular Shopify products we found, half of them were clothing products and the other half were mostly fashion related products like bags and sunglasses. 

Now let’s jump into the main reason we brought you here: the top 10 clothing products which are the most popular ones among shopify stores and customers.

  • Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee

Did you expect the first popular piece of clothing on shopify to be such a simple t-shirt? Well, it seems like you don’t need to go so far to be popular. about 158 shopify stores are selling this product at the same time in 194 different variants. 

But what makes this t-shirt so popular? This classic unisex jersey short sleeve tee will become a favorite as soon as you wear it. Its soft cotton fabric and high-quality print will keep your customers coming back for more. These t-shirts have ribbed-knit collars to bolster shaping. Taping has been applied to the shoulders to make them fit better over time and the dual side seams hold the garment’s shape for longer. 

  • Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt

Here we have another popular t-shirt. Although it looks like there is nothing extraordinary about this shirt, about 428 Shopify stores are selling it in 294 different designs right now.

What is the reason behind its popularity? the Shopify stores selling this product, claim that this unisex t-shirt is everything their customers have ever dreamed of and more. The fabric feels soft and light, with the right amount of stretch. It’s also comfortable and flattering for both men and women. 

  • Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee

I too thought that this is the same t-shirt as the first one we mentioned in our list, but apparently it is an updated version. This one comes in more colors. 56 different shopify stores are selling 192 different designs of this shirt. 

The fabric is 100% soft cotton and the print is high quality. Who doesn’t want a unisex comfortable, long lasting shirt? 

  • Peek of Camo Cut Off Shorts

These shorts look so cool and practical. No wonder why 120 Shopify stores decided to offer this piece of clothing to their customers. 

Want a little bit of camo in your life, but not too much? You’ll love these shorts. With their cute peek-a-boo of camo, you can flawlessly play around with patterns and style. Beside that, they are a great dark wash and length for any need. 

  • Hazel Top

Look at this cute top with that mild color. One can tell from the picture that its material must feel soft. It is simply beautiful. Tops like this can be the favorite to so many women’s hearts. Online sellers are aware of this fact and about 117 stores are selling this item on their websites.

 It has a gorgeous neckline that may be shown off multiple ways or you can simply wear it as is. You can wear this in any season and for any occasion.

  • Unique Neckline Top in Ivory

The first thing you can say about this one is that it looks unique and simple. Unique Neckline Top in Ivory is a safe choice for those who are after a simple but chic style. 115 shopify stores sell this piece.

Having this white tee in your closet is a great idea. This tee, with that criss-cross neck and ruffled sleeves, will be your go-to white top. It looks even better with a hat and denim bottoms. 

Will your customers need more reasons to buy it?

  • Bright White Capris

High waist, functional pockets as well as a zipper/button closure are the features of Bright White Capris. These shorts are available on 104 different websites. The color and length make it a suitable choice for warmer days of the year. These kinds of shorts suit a variety of different tastes and the secret behind its popularity is rather clear. 104 different websites offer these shorts to their customers.

  • Wild Tassels Dress

This adorable tassel dress with its sharp color is a good choice for a summer vacation. There are currently 107 shops selling this dress on Shopify. The dress can be worn either off the shoulder or on the shoulder in order to have a more comfortable fit. A beautiful color and beautiful tie and tassel detail make this dress a good match for everyone.

  • Vera Flutter Top in White

The interesting thing about this top is that it can be as elegant or casual as you want it to be. With its amazing ribbed material, flutter sleeves, and zipper detail on the back you can wear it to the next event you’re invited to or to the supermarket. This piece takes a classic tee and turns it into the most versatile top in your closet. At the moment, 102 Shopify stores are selling this product.

  • Laced Up & Sophisticated Blouse in Blush

The noticeable part about this dress, other than the beautiful color, is its unique sleeves detailed with lace. It features the cutest overlay sleeves with lace detail that elevates this tee to a gorgeous top that can be dressed up or down.

It is available in 100 stores now, so those who are looking for a soft and comfy top can buy it and get all laced up and feel sophisticated with this perfectly feminine top.

The top 10 most popular clothing items on Shopify were far from a dramatic, extra dress or bizarre t-shirt. If you’re about to open your clothing Shopify store, after reading this article, you should have guessed that simplicity is probably the key. Keep it simple and unique and more people will come after it. 

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