Top 10 Features of Millennial Workspaces

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Corporate culture is more than a millennial buzzword. Companies are dedicated to attracting and retaining qualified personnel. Recruiters and organizational development professionals cite some of the top features of millennial workspaces.

1. Casual Dress Code

One of the biggest attractions for millennial workers is comfort. Business casual has taken a severe turn to the left and many companies now allow employees to wear jeans or branded apparel items. Stuffy suits, ties, pantyhose, and other restrictive wear are no longer a cause of discomfort or low productivity.

2. Health and Fitness

Today’s workforce values their personal health and wants a company that feels the same way. Employers add value with a water bottle refill station for employees to use throughout the day. It encourages additional water intake, which tends to increase energy and stimulate brain activity.

3. Shared Workstations

Open floor plans and shared workspaces are a great way to encourage teamwork and increase productivity. The younger workforce generally prefers open spaces and tend to avoid high walls and standard cubicles.

4. Green Buildings

Green Design initiatives were unheard of less than two decades ago, but today most architects feature these components. Sustainable work areas impact the environment with lower carbon footprints and heightened awareness of the state of the environment.

5. Imagination Stations

Modern work areas may resemble a colorful playground from an elementary school. Trust that this is actually a productive office filled with fun activities. Simple games and physical challenges help employees reduce stress and refocus their energy. No more getting stuck on a difficult project!

6. Pet-Friendly Corporate Centers

Most small businesses and service fields welcome pets. Recently, corporate entities have also embraced the pet-friendly office space. Some corporate centers only allow emotional support and other service animals. Expect to see this expand to other types of pets as well. The research is clear that pets reduce blood pressure and increase positivity in the workplace.

7. Entertainment Options

Office areas that feature TVs, music, and charging stations are popular in the millennial work area. These small tokens confirm that management listens to and cares about the needs and desires of employees. Personal earbuds are also helpful for employees who can safely avoid distractions in the workplace.

8. Flexible Work Schedules

Flexibility in the workweek and remote work options allow employees to create a healthy work/life balance. Allowing shift slides, personal time off, and four day work weeks will help keep employees motivated and loyal.

9. Diversity and Inclusive Cultures

Gender-neutral work areas, restrooms, and corporate branding ensure that a company is considered relevant and friendly to all groups. This may include fun interior design and references to current events, both local and global. As cybersecurity allows, companies offer employees a chance to bring their own technology to work. Personal laptops are more comfortable and familiar with employees. Familiarity breeds higher levels of productivity.

10. Frequent Company Sponsored Events

Virtually every month features fun and unique recognition days. All sorts of national dedication days commemorate everything from breakfast cereals, tacos, individual professions, colors, and much more. Embrace these unusual traditions as a fun and inexpensive way to keep employees engaged.

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