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Titles for Dirt Bikes Review: Top Things When Buying & Selling a Dirt Bike

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A title is simply a legal proof that a property belongs to a particular person. Titles are common in the sale of cars and houses. However, so long the sale and the purchase of dirt bikes are concerned, titles are not exactly popular.

Although it does not seem like a norm to sell or buy a dirt bike with a title, having a title when selling or buying a dirt bike should never be overlooked.

What Role Does a Title Play?

A title plays a very simple role. Its role is simply proof that a business or a person with the form legally owns the piece of equipment on the document.

Titles are also known as pink slips and are given out by the secretary of state in a state that a dirt bike is purchased. The Department of Motor Vehicles is responsible for issuing titles.

While one has to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get a title, that is not all about titles. Various states have different laws covering titles. In addition to the difference in laws according to various states, different states have different details on their titles.

Although different titles contain different details, some information is constant across titles regardless of the state where they are issued. Some of these details are;

  • The owner’s name and address
  • The year of manufacture of a vehicle
  • The Model and the Make of the Vehicle
  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Taxation Details
  • Title number.

A title might seem like it just plays a role in ensuring that all documentations are complete. The truth remains it does more than that. It becomes very important in a theft case. When your bike gets missing, a title can always come in handy. Also, if individual claims that you stole their bike, a title can come to your rescue.

How Popular are Titles

Titles might be popular among cars and other vehicles. They, however, are not popular among dirt bikes. This is even worse when the dirt bike is old. When you buy a dirt bike that has been used for a fairly long time, there is a huge chance that such a bike will not come with a title.

There are various reasons old dirt bikes might not have titles. These reasons are some bike owners have misplaced their title or they never had a title. While it might seem out of place that a dirt bike never had a title, the truth is not too long ago, dirt bikes were not demanded to have titles. The implication of this is if you buy an old dirt bike, there is a reduced likelihood that it will come with a title.

While it is not out of place for lots of people that are looking to sell off their old dirt bike to lack titles, you should never buy a dirt bike that does not have a title. If you avoid buying a dirt bike that does not have a title, you can conveniently reduce your chances of buying a stolen bike when buying an old bike.

This is more important than a lot of people are aware of. While you might lose some money if you buy a bike without a title, there is more that can happen. You might end up going to jail if there are accusations that the dirt bike was stolen.

Do New Dirt Bikes Come with Titles

Although not every new dirt bike will come with a title, your chances of getting a dirt bike with a title is a lot higher when you buy a new dirt bike at After purchasing a new dirt bike, if it lacks a title, you can go ahead and get a title for it since no one has made use of it before you.

Why You Must Have a Title

Having a title for your dirt bike is not compulsory if the state you reside in does not require you to have one. You, however, will be doing yourself a great favor by having a title for your dirt bike even if your state of residence does not require so.

Why is this so?

The reason for this is quite straight forward. If you own a bike and do not have a title for it, whoever presents a title for your dirt bike becomes the legal owner of that bike. Going by this, if you must avoid losing money and getting into unnecessary trouble, when you buy a bike, even if it does not come with a title, you will have to look for a way to get a document that serves as proof that you own that dirt bike.

How important is a Title

A title might be popular for helping you maintain ownership of your dirt bike and might also go a long way in helping you stay out of trouble. That, however, is just a fraction of what it can do. If you own a title, it becomes a lot easy to sell your dirt bike.

Never Buy a Dirt Bike without a Title

When looking to buy a dirt bike, you will be making a grave mistake if you buy a dirt bike that does not have a title. In addition to looking out for a title when buying a dirt bike, there are other things you need to do when buying a dirt bike. One of them is;

Lookout for VIN: When buying a bike, you will need to know what the vehicle registration number is. This way, you can be certain what it was registered as. Furthermore, knowing what a dirt bike was registered as can help you avoid getting into trouble even though you have the title of the dirt bike.

When buying a dirt bike, if the person you are buying the bike from does not want to release the VIN, this is a red flag and is a major reason you should not buy this dirt bike.

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