Things To Do in Manhattan New York When Traveling for Business

New York City is one of the best tourist attractions, not only in the US, but in the entire world. Of all the NYC boroughs, Manhattan is likely the most notable and recognizable. This is due to its many famous landmarks, museums, and overwhelming popularity. So, if you travel to NYC for business, you may be wondering about things to do in Manhattan. This way, you won’t only enjoy business in the big city, but your leisure time as well. But, it can be challenging to fit all of Manhattan in one business trip. This is why we’ve come up with a few of the best things to do in this part of the city. Therefore, you can make your next NYC business trip truly unforgettable. 

Visit the 9-11 Memorial

If you haven’t been to Manhattan, then you’ve never gotten the chance to see the 9-11 Memorial. This memorial and museum are for the lives lost on September 11, 2001. This day in history marks the attacks on the World Trade Center. This memorial is a beautiful way to remember those whose lives were lost that fateful day. And, it is free to view for the general public every day of the year. Although, if you’d like to view the museum, you can expect to pay a ticket price. However, regardless of having to pay, visiting the museum is a great learning experience. It allows visitors to dive deeper into that awful day in history. And, remember the many lives taken. 

Take a Walk in Central Park

If you’ve seen any movie that was set in NYC, you’ve likely seen glimpses of this beautiful park. And, if there is any park worth visiting in The Big City, it’s Central Park. The biggest park in New York City, Central Park consists of 843 acres. As such a large park, it offers a number of attractions. These include a lake, an ice skating rink, a theater, a mall, and even a zoo. With over 37 million visitors every year, it’s one of the many worthwhile things to do in Manhattan. 

Check out the Views from the Empire State Building

If you’re wanting to get the best view of NYC, there’s nothing that compares to visiting the Empire State Building. There is a line of people waiting daily and ticket price starts at $38. But, if you have the time, the views from the 86th or 102nd observatory floors of this building are spectacular. 

Take in the Sights of Times Square

When one imagines Manhattan, New York, they picture Times Square. So, even if you don’t have any plans set in or near Times Square, it’s worth the trip. Viewing the billboard marquees, bright neon lights, and thousands of passersby are worth the visit to this area of town. Plus, it’s a great place to wait in line to purchase broadway tickets at discounted prices. Which, if you’ve never been to a Broadway show, is a must for anyone.  

Get a Ticket for the Staten Island Ferry

If you’re in Manhattan and want to travel outside of this borough, you can do so easily. Simply purchase a ticket to Staten Island from the Whitehall Terminal. Of course, this takes you to Staten Island, which isn’t Manhattan. But, it does allow you to view some historical landmarks at an affordable rate. These landmarks include Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. 

Get a Manhattan Area Code Phone Number

If you’re not just in Manhattan for fun, you’re likely in the area for business. But, if you need to reach people here, it may be hard without a Manhattan area code phone number. Without a 917 area code (the area code of this area), residents are likely to not answer calls. So, if you’re looking to make business easier in Manhattan, consider a virtual New York phone number. Virtual phone numbers are available from companies like Global Call Forwarding. Furthermore, this company provides virtual phone services and features for all types of businesses and industries. 

Having Fun and Doing Business in Manhattan

Now you should be aware of virtual phone numbers which can be added to your cell phone to reach Manhattan locals. And, now that you’re aware of the many things to do in Manhattan, you’ll be sure to have a great business trip. So, make all of your potential NYC clients happy while spending the time doing the touristy things you love. However, remember, if you don’t get around to doing everything, there’s always the next trip. Above all, if you can’t make time, there’ll be plenty of time on future business trips.

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