The values of a Zentrepreneur with John Murphy

John Murphy

John Murphy, the founder (1988) and president of Venture Management Consultants, Inc., a firm specializing in creating lean, high performance work cultures as well as the author of the book “Beyond Doubt – Four Steps to Inner Peace” joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest John Murphy discuss the following:

  • As an author and speaker, you have coined a new word (“Zentrepreneur”), which encapsulates a number of concepts. To start, what is a Zentrepreneur?
  • Part of being an Zentrepreneur, according to your writings and book, deals with ownership and risk taking. Tell us more about the importance of those two things.
  • What distinguishes, say, a successful professional – someone who has achieved financial and public recognition – from a Zentrepreneur? To what extent, do the behavioral traits overlap.
  • How can a company change its culture to reflect the values of a Zentrepreneur? What practical steps do you recommend?
  • Among public figures, which individuals, in your professional opinion, are Zentrepreneurs?
  • Share with us some additional information about your book, which is centered on the rules of being a Zentrepreneur.

Duration: 19:48

John Murphy, Founder and President of Venture Management Consultants, Inc.

All too often, organizations implementing operational excellence (OE) do so without addressing the human and cultural implications of such a change strategy. They conduct studies, move equipment, reduce work in process, collocate employees and change measurement systems, all focusing on minimizing waste and improving the flow of value through the value stream, but they overlook the human impact of these changes, the mindset and belief system that must accompany it. As a result, they find themselves “reworking” the initiative, an unfortunate and wasteful irony. Be it manufacturing, service, administration or product development, the result is the same. Without clear understanding, buy-in and commitment, the initiative does not lead to sustained culture change. It simply fades into history as another “flavor of the month.”

Recognized as an international expert on leading culture change, John Murphy helps organizations address this issue head on. The author of 15 books on related topics, and a guest on over 400 radio and television stations, Murphy teaches leaders worldwide how to integrate the culture piece (of OE) with the systems, structural, and “tools” components. Approaching the change process with an integrated strategy leads to powerful, measurable, sustainable results.

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