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The two Australian Mum’s breaking down barriers and inspiring women to chase their business goals

Posted: March 27, 2018 at 5:45 pm   /   by   /   comments (1)

Alison Valenti and Sophie Musumeci

Co-founders of the Real Entrepreneur Mums Alison Valenti and Sophie Musumeci, a network referral group created for mums and women in business joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guests Alison Valenti and Sophie Musumeci discuss the following:

  1. Why did you both start Real Entrepreneur Mums?
  2. What is the aim of Real Entrepreneur Mums and what kind of impact does the network referral group have on women in business?
  3. What makes Real Entrepreneur Mums so different to every other network referral group and how does it work?
  4. What has been the biggest challenge that you have had to overcome so far?
  5. What is the future for Real Entrepreneur Mums?

After meeting at a business coffee event in 2014, Sophie and Alison quickly realised that although they had different businesses, their visions for what they were creating was the same.

‘To build a global business that inspires women to go after their dreams and smash their goals.’

They could see a movement building. A movement where women from varying industries were seeking alternate careers or starting their own businesses. Women who wanted to be more present for their families without sacrificing their desires to be fulfilled professionally and contribute financially.

Starting your own business and becoming an Entrepreneur Mum takes great courage and requires a support network, both personally and professionally.

Whilst there are a few opportunities to build a network they can lack the right culture for an Entrepreneur Mum.

Networking events have some great guest speakers, but unless you attend every event religiously and really step out of your comfort zone during ‘speed dating’ networking games, it is a long and sometimes painful process for most to build real connections.

Referral groups are also a great option, however memberships are very expensive and there is high pressure to give referrals even when you don’t really know, like or trust other members yet. Most are quite male dominated and the times are not appropriate for a mum with school drop off and pickup.

For so many Entrepreneur Mums, they unfortunately lacked the support from those closest to them.

If we really are the sum of the five people we spend the most time with, imagine spending time with 20+ incredible, inspiring, supportive, REAL Entrepreneur Mums who you know, like and trust, that have got your back and truly want to help you succeed!

Sophie and Alison saw a massive need. So imagine the power of their vision when they joined forces and created an inspiring community where Entrepreneur Mums can come together and support each other to really smash their business goals, without judgement.

Where you would leave feeling ten feet tall knowing that you have team of women behind you who understand your business, a Community of raving fans who are actively promoting your product or service and truly have your back to do everything in their power to help you succeed. You won’t be able to wait for the next one!

Could they really do this? Do others feel the same? They asked ourselves.

After consulting with dozens of other Entrepreneur Mums, it was a resounding yes! There was an absolute need to create Real Entrepreneur Mums – so they did!

Being part of the Real Entrepreneur Mums Community you have the support, inspiration and encouragement to step up, make your dreams bigger and start taking the actions to really achieve them.

Real Entrepreneur Mums is for highly motivated and committed women who want to grow their business through referrals, increase their professional profile and genuinely help others to do the same.



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Comments (1)

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  • May 12, 2018 at 10:03 pm Viola

    Hi Sophie & Alison,

    I found your Facebook page and found out more about you and your mission for women entrepreneurs here. I agree with you that a supportive and collaborative business environment is crucial for faster results.

    Referral is great. Referrals, often heart-felt ones, from sisters within like-minded sisters is better!

    Thank you for contributing to empower more women to shine!

    Viola Tam