The Top Podcasts for Engineers

With podcasts being more popular than ever before, it seems as though more and more niche categories are popping up, which is great for listeners who want something to listen to that feels tailored to them. Whether for educational value or just plain interest, these niche podcasts are a great source of entertainment and information. 

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For this list, we’re appealing to all the engineers out there who want to be sure they’re staying up to date on the latest trends, news, and practices. So, here’s a look at the top podcasts that are perfect for engineers.

The Amp Hour Electronics Podcast

If your area of interest is open source hardware and electronics, The Amp Hour Electronics Podcast could be the perfect one to check out. Content on this podcast is very technical and the podcast airs weekly. This one is actually very well-known in the electronics field, and because of that, it has a substantial following. Each week tackles a new subject so, you’re always getting fresh and interesting content. So, whether you’re looking for something highly technical like a phototransistor, optical sensors or something much broader, this podcast has you covered.

Accidental Tech Podcast

For those with a love of the tech side of engineering, the Accidental Tech Podcast is the way to go. This one has been around for seven years now, and has some great content and robust debates worth tuning in to. What makes this interesting is that the creators actually began the podcast with a focus on cars, but they continuously got onto the topic of technology. Over time, it became obvious that this is where their real interests lie.

99% Invisible Podcast

If you’ve ever stopped to think about the architecture behind everyday engineering projects and products, then you’ve got something in common with the 99% Invisible podcast. This one may not be as overtly engineering-based as some of the others, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting.

This particular podcast also does a great job of appealing to those who may not be trained engineers, but rather they have an interest in what engineers do, and how they make products work, from the design to the technical aspect. The way the podcast plays out is that one product is highlighted and then discussed in detail about how it is designed, built, and engineered.

Radiolab Podcast

Are you the type that is always asking questions? Are the surface-level answers never quite enough for you? If so, then the Radiolab podcast would appeal to your personality type. This one likes to describe itself as being an explainer of anything that is interesting. It’s meant to make the world of science more approachable and interesting for all.

So, if you’re looking to add some new content to your list of favorite podcasts, each of these could be great contenders for anyone that is an engineer or simply has an interest in engineering, electronics, and design. Which one will you tune in to?

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