The Top 5 Cost Estimation Software for Construction Projects

Construction projects have changed a lot in recent years. Though the industry had been a little late in adopting the newest technologies but with the advent of time and awareness about Artificial Intelligence and other advancements, many of the houses have started to adopt the technologies to help them construct, process and secure their projects. Given that the working of a construction site depends on multiple variables, time, money, resources, weather, etc., one has to keep in account everything lest he wants the work to get affected. The more you think and evaluate, the more accurately you will deliver on the work. Before starting a construction site, the first step is to understand the time and cost variables that affect the project. Various software available, highly secure and easy-to-use, are used to understand the potential hiccups, the requirements arising in the future project while also helping in project cost management. The pricing can range from pretty low to a little higher available on a monthly and yearly basis. 

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The Stack is a take-off and estimation software for builders and constructors. It provides all the required tools for almost all kinds of projects. It usually trims the time of estimation in half, and the saved time can be spent in running the business. It’s a cloud-based program providing and assessing contractors on quality and quantity. It comes with three plans and a free version. Plus Plan starts with $999/user/year, Pro-plan is set at $17,99/user/year, and it also comes with an Enterprise version priced at $5999. With diverse plan rates, it’s affordable for large scale as well as keeping in view the convenience of small projectors.


It’s a remodeling software used by many licensed contractors, including OC Kitchen and Home Remodeling, that helps builders to optimize. It’s unique as compared to other traditional solutions because of its capacity of allowing versatile customization and permits you to change the whole concept instead of limiting your design. It’s easy and simple to use design allows customers and your team to have a comfortable experience. It doesn’t come with a free trial and offers only two plans, i.e. Core and Standard. The former can be availed at $199/month and the latter $249/month.


Planswift is a take-off and estimation solution meant for projects of all sizes. Businesses using blueprints like plumbing, residential or commercial can all incorporate the solution in their businesses. By clicking various points on the screen, digitalized values, material, and labor costs can be calculated. It also allows us to create and job by clicking on any corner of the screen. It offers an enterprise plan at $1595 and does come with a free trial.


It’s specially designed for a business like hotel industry, office, and retail. Its services are intended to reduce estimation and enhance performance. Its cost estimation tools are easy to use, making it a preferable choice. WinEst does not list price on its website, and it depends on a lot of factors like the place, the kind of business and the size. You need to contact the company for your quote.

Bidscreen XL

It’s a take-off solution that reduces time and energy with enhanced services meant to asses cost estimation. It works with PDF, DWG, DXF, TIFF, and everything gets saved on the excel. You can use your workbook or alter any of the take-offs. Its state of the art technology creates surface models. You need to contact the company for the quotes. Depending on your requirements, the software can prove to be a boon in the management of your construction business.


With construction business transiting through one of its marvellous ages, more and more automation is taking place inside the business space. The effective collaboration between human resources and AI has further accessed various hindrances in the business resulting in more accuracy and speed. With cost estimation software, the variable that affects a site can be watched and enhanced before going into work. This, in turn, helps to maintain as well as plan the site. Many of the software’s are easily accessible and quite cheap in the market, with cloud technology, the software is updated regularly for the improvised and convenient working of the software. Depending on the need, we can choose the plan and software of our liking.

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