The Split Kit: Divorce Organiser Software helping separating couples save on legal costs

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Christine Weston, the Founder of and designer of The Split Kit, an innovative software program helping couples to save time and money by managing their own divorce property settlements joins Enterprise Radio. Christine is also the Author of the incredibly practical resource book, ‘The First Steps through Separation and Divorce’.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Christine Weston discuss the following:

  • What was the motivation for putting together all the resources you’ve developed on the Divorce Resource website?
  • Does a couple need a lawyer to get through the divorce process?
  • How does The Split Kit save a couple time and money?
  • Can the Split Kit be used by only one person or by both parties?
  • What’s the first step you would recommend for someone who has just separated?

Tip for anyone who’s considering or going through a separation and divorce:

Slow down. Don’t rush decisions but also don’t do nothing! As a priority, ensure any children are well cared for and by both parents and that both parties have access to funds to meet their living expenses. Then, be very kind to yourself. Focus on working on your emotional state so that you can get yourself to a calm enough state so you are able to compromise and negotiate towards an outcome that is in the overall best interests of everyone.  It’s far better to reach a compromise that you can live within a reasonable time frame rather than wasting years of your life and tens of thousands of dollars back and forth through the courts.

Christine Weston is the creator of, author of the straight talking resource book, ‘The First Steps through Separation & Divorce, and designer of The Split Kit – an innovative software program helping couples to save time and money by managing their own divorce property settlements.

She is passionate about helping others to save money and time and minimise the stress and anxiety that is so commonly experienced during the separation process.

As you may expect, the catalyst for Divorce Resource and The Split Kit was living and learning through her own drawn out and emotional divorce. After meeting in the UK and spending the first 12 years of their married life in South Africa, Christine and her Kiwi husband separated shortly after the family moved back to the UK.

It took the next four years to resolve the divorce and property settlement and involved complicated legal, financial and personal implications spanning Australia, England, New Zealand and South Africa.

With her two young sons, she retreated to the familiarity and safety of home in 2010. Christine drew on deep reserves of courage and her experiences in dealing with the legal systems and moving between 3 countries to begin work on helping others avoid the mistakes she’d made.  The Split Kit was born and now skilfully guides people through the first steps into this new realm.

Separation and divorce are undeniably stressful. Most people feel vulnerable and rely on professionals to take over the reins for them.

The Split Kit doesn’t negate the need for expert advice but the real benefit is that if they do need to start paying an hourly rate for assistance from lawyers and other professionals, they pay from the outset for expert opinion and advice rather than for basic explanations of how the system works and the mandatory fact discovery admin tasks.

Christine is currently writing her second book, ‘Parenting through Separation and Divorce’. This year she turned 50, became an empty nester and moved in with her new partner of 3 years. Together they live with five young adult off-spring and their friends as regular visitors and the permanent day-to-day reminder of their children; the residual pets, a cat and a dog.

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