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The Skinless Project, a company that caters to the WOMAN with Maaria Mozaffar

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maaria mozaffar

Maaria Mozaffar, founder of the Skinless Project a company that caters to the most intelligent and powerful consumer – the woman- and it makes it its mission to tell her so, every step of the way joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Maaria Mozaffar discuss the following:

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself and what the Skinless Project is.
  • How was the Skinless Project born?
  • What is your long term goal for the Skinless Project and where do you see it going?
  • You use it as a platform for your blog and video blogs. There are some very interesting topics featured and they are very profound. What inspired you to record “I’m a Failure?”
  • Since you are speaking to people starting their own businesses and you are a successful wife, lawyer, mother and founder of the Skinless Project, what tips might you provide to our listeners

Duration: 9:10

Maaria Mozaffar founded The Skinless Project to fill a much needed void she saw in the diverse communities she worked in. She is the  principal attorney for the Law Office of Maaria Mozaffar, where she focuses on policy development, mediation and litigation. She served as legal advisor for CAIR Chicago the largest Muslim civil rights organization in the United States where she mediated discrimination cases resulting in monetary settlements as well as employee benefits and employer-employee duty agreements. She has developed policy on different issues in the state of Illinois and spearheaded negotiation agreements and policy task forces.

Maaria Mozaffar is a member of the Illinois State Bar Association, a Chicago Committee member of Human Rights Watch and a board member of the Inner City Muslim Action Network. She received her undergraduate degrees in Political Science and English – Short Fiction from the University of Illinois at Chicago where she served as President of the Undergraduate Student Body. She received her JD from the University of Illinois College of Law where she served as President of the Muslim Law Students Association and President of the Student Bar Association. Mozaffar’s hobbies and passions are faith, family, policy advocacy, law, writing, documentaries, triathlons (recently) and continuing to always find creative ways to have a joyful balance in her life.

What is The Skinless Project?

The Skinless Project is a company dedicated to women to help them reach their highest potential personally and professionally.  Currently it has served as host for women conferences and seminars and created and online community for women varying in different interests, ages, and ethnic and religious backgrounds. It provides valuable information in health, lifestyle, fashion, professional development, personal development and inspiration.

Maaria’s long term goal for the company is to create it to be a hub for consumer driven industries (in which women are the top consumer – more specifically health, self -help and fashion), where these specific industries can cater to women as the intelligent and powerful consumers that they are.  Thus, only brands in these 3 industries that promote women, empower them as consumers and add something of intrinsic value to women will thrive through having recognition by the company’s audience.

The Skinless Project’s goal is  to change the trend of how these industries treat women, their top consumer. Founder Maaria Mozaffar  wants them to recognize them as powerful beings who themselves should be dictating the market trends in products and advertising amongst female consumers not the other way around.

In a nutshell, The Skinless Project is a company that caters to the most intelligent and powerful consumer – the woman- and it makes it its mission to tell her so every step of the way. Today, women recognize that a holistic approach to improving one’s lifestyle leads to a life of success for herself and her community. This approach focuses on empowerment in all three areas of a woman’s life : self help, health and fashion.

Since starting The Skinless Project Maaria’s most most memorable experience has been having over 100 women in attendance and 19 speakers at a conference Maaria  put together out of a simple concept. She knew I had a hit a beating pulse. Women were waiting to hear the things they already knew. They are powerful and dignified and want to be treated as such as they tackle the responsibilities of life day after day. Women are always wanting to better themselves, for their own development and for their loved ones. Having one of her mediation clients call me her angel was a major turning point for Maaria.  It was the first time someone had articulated to her husband the feelings of disempowerment she was feeling in her marriage.



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