The Psychology of a High Performing Sales Team


Joel Hill, Sales Manager at Noojee Solutions, a high performance call centre software provider, supporting small to mid-sized businesses joins Enterprise Radio. Joel will be discussing the psychology of a high performing sales team.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Joel Hill discuss the following:

  • Why is creating the right environment for sales people so important to driving sales?
  • Let’s talk about motivation. How do you motivate a team of sales people to meet their sales targets?
  • How do you make your sales team more productive?
  • What does a great company culture look like?
  • What were the traits of the best manager you’ve ever had?

Joel Hill has been the Sales Manager at Noojee Telephony Systems for 6 years. Noojee is a high-performance call centre software provider, aimed at small to mid-sized businesses and tailored to meet each company’s individual needs. Joel is passionate about providing the right system to the right customer to make their life easier. He also loves talking to people and finding out what makes them tick.

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