The Pros and Cons of Studying Online

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the students to get used to studying remotely. Long before that, online courses and degrees started gaining popularity among high school graduates and working professionals. While studying online offers a range of attractive conveniences, it also has its peculiarities that you need to take into account before considering online education. This article is going to reveal the pros and cons of online learning to help you make the right decision once you get an opportunity to choose.

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The pros of studying online

Great flexibility

Online courses don’t force you to attend lectures in a scheduled time and place. You can watch the videos and read textbook chapters whenever it’s convenient for you, be it an early morning or after midnight. If you work full-time, have other obligations and priorities, attending the campus every day might be too time-consuming, and online classes will give you desired flexibility and the ability to learn without making major changes in your schedule.

More affordable

Many university degrees come at a huge price. If you don’t feel like going into debt, consider an online degree. The same education program delivered online is typically cheaper, which lets you save thousands of dollars. If money is the decisive factor for you, online education is definitely your optimal choice.

Study at your pace

An one-size-fits-all approach in class might not be suitable for everyone. Online learning allows you to study at your pace, for instance, you can skip on topics you are familiar with if you are a fast learner. On the other hand, if grasping new material or writing and editing English papers takes you a while, you can schedule more time for these activities. Individualized learning creates a better experience and allows you to learn more.

Cons of taking online classes

Limited options to socialize

In college, students not only attend lectures and workshops but also make new friends and develop soft skills such as collaboration, teamwork and more. It’s much more difficult to make new friends and socialize if you study online. Discussions, group projects, extracurricular activities and other components of on-campus learning are also quite limited if you take an online course.

Requires great discipline

When you create your schedule and plan learning activities independently, it’s quite tempting to procrastinate. Moreover, many students tend to give up their online classes as they find it hard to stay on track when they’re not motivated by professors, deadlines, and more. So, you’ll need strong organizational, planning and self-discipline skills to be effective in your studies.

On-campus learning has a better image

Some employers, especially in the traditional industries, don’t take online learning seriously. They prefer applicants who have obtained their degree in a traditional university. Moreover, apart from hard skills and knowledge, companies are looking for collaboration and interpersonal skills which are best developed in classroom. For this reason, online courses are best favored in creative and digital industries.

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