Stephen V Smith

The power of storytelling with Stephen V. Smith of WordSouth

Stephen V Smith

Stephen Smith, the founder and president of WordSouth, a content marketing firm serving electric utilities and telecommunications companies across the Southeast once again joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Stephen Smith discuss the following:
  • You say companies of all sizes are discovering that the art of storytelling can be a powerful tool in their success. Why is that?
  • How exactly can the power of storytelling benefit a company or organization?
  • Advancing your mission and selling your product make sense, but how can storytelling motivate your employees, practically speaking?
  • So how does this work? How does a company start to use storytelling to accomplish these things?
  • Is this approach more for large companies, or can small businesses benefit from storytelling, too?

TIP: Every business can examine their history, their products and services, the value they bring to the market, and they can find the stories that will truly engage their customers. They can use the power of storytelling to advance their mission, to sell their product and to motivate their employees. It’s really an effective tool.

Duration: 14:02

Stephen V. Smith has been writing about people, business, politics, utilities and other mysteries for 22 years. An award-winning writer and photographer, Smith left the newspaper business and launched WordSouth on New Years Day 1996. The company focuses on serving the rural electric and telecommunications industries, helping clients tell their stories through a variety of channels.

With the help of his wife and business partner Michele, Smith has built a team of professional writers, designers and project managers that brings a structured approach to developing and deploying content for WordSouth clients.


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