The Popularity Of CBD Hemp Strains

The hemp species of the cannabis plant is rich in cannabidiol (CBD), with the flower or the bud often referred to as a “CBD flower.” People will typically use smoking as their method of choice for delivery with the buds to simulate marijuana usage – only there is no fear of a “high” with this type of “joint.”

Users become relaxed with Hemp CBD strains with no fear of the psychoactive traits that THC or tetrahydrocannabinol carries when indulging in marijuana. THC is prevalent in the marijuana species but minimal to trace in hemp, not nearly enough for an intoxicating effect.

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Some hemp buds offer as great as 25% of CBD in combination with a multitude of other beneficial cannabinoids working cohesively with the compound to enhance the overall therapeutic effects. Check here for some of the various top cannabis strains high in cannabidiol.

CBD Flower Strains Compared To Marijuana

CBD buds for smoking are taking on their own level of popularity, increasing each day with more people preferring the hemp flowers high in CBD over cannabis with THC at any level.

Hemp, rich in cannabidiol, and marijuana, rich in tetrahydrocannabinol, are species of the cannabis plant. This means basically that the CBD-rich side will not alter your consciousness while the THC-rich side does.

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The plants are grown in the same way (see this link for growth techniques using seeds), resemble each other, offer similar aromas, and comparable benefits with the same type of delivery methods. The psychoactive characteristic in THC is the only difference. Because they are alike in so many ways, hemp is often mistaken for marijuana leading to legal complications for users.

There are a variety of different strains for the flowers in hybrids of Sativa-dominant and Indica-dominant. Some are better suited for the beginning of the day when you need more productive energy throughout the workday, and others are better suited for the evening when it’s time to settle down and relax.

There is no one specific way to smoke the buds. Some people opt for the standard pre-roll or “joint” while others opt to use a pipe full of the product or even a bong. A vaporizer for dry herbs can even be a suitable choice.

Are Hemp Flowers Safe?

Smoking, as a rule, is always considered to be harmful to the lungs. That is something that must be taken into consideration with anything that you smoke. CBD buds are not “poisonous” as is the consensus for nicotine, which is one of the components of tobacco. Excessively high levels of nicotine are dangerous for people and can be responsible for life-threatening health risks.

Hemp and cannabidiol have been designated as nontoxic and safe at any level with no indication that anyone has become ill or suffered dangerous health risks following excessive smoking of the products. The compound has not been found to elevate blood pressure or be an indicator of cancer cases.

The products are not habit-forming, and users have not become dependent on the substances as most do with tobacco products. There are actually programs for addiction treatment incorporating CBD as a method for helping patients wean away from alcohol and narcotics.

For those who want to engage in a recreational compound with potential benefits to overall wellness, the CBD buds provide a psychological simulation for cigarettes, marijuana joints, or any substance that otherwise might not be good for you without the adversity or possible legal ramifications some of these could carry.

Final Thought

You will find a wide selection of CBD hemp strains for which there are a few delivery methods aside from smoking if that is not your preference. Click this informative post to learn more. Always look for top quality products.

If you opt to indulge in the flower raw, you will enjoy a unique offering of cannabinoids, particularly CBDA, instead of CBD. The effects are quite similar, but these are different compounds with separate properties. The studies are not as vast for CBDA as they are for CBD as a whole. It is very easy to buy CBD online these days and try it out yourself.

As the demand continues to grow for CBD hemp flowers and people continue to switch away from marijuana and tobacco products, the greater the quality of the strains will become – kind of how it has transpired so rapidly for the oil products.

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