The Numerous Positive Effects Of CBD

CBD has been a rising star in the wellness industry for the last few years and is set to skyrocket in 2020 and beyond. Gym-users are hoping for a stronger recovery, people are looking for natural pain relief, and others want better sleep and all of them expect CBD to help, which is why it is important to understand its side effects on the body.

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What Is CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of the more than 100 natural components (cannabinoids) found in the cannabis plant and is a completely non-psychoactive extract that’s filtered to get rid of all the THC. This cannabinoid reacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system thus providing users with all the benefits associated with cannabis without the ‘high’.

The endocannabinoid system is found in the body and helps in regulating a wide range of physiological and cognitive processes. While highly complex, science has proven that these include sleep, appetite, mood, and pain. Simply put, it helps keep the body balanced and properly functioning.

A network of cannabinoid receptors can be found within the endocannabinoid system in the brain and central nervous system. Cannabinoids that are derived from the cannabis plant, which are known as phytocannabinoids, which include THC and CBD, also naturally attach to the cells in similar fashion and have various effects.

So, considering that CBD is a completely natural product that reacts with the body in a completely natural way, it surely goes without saying that any CBD product from can be used to enjoy the health benefits? No. Not all CBD products are created equal when it comes to safety and quality.

Quality Must Always Be a Top Priority

Issues usually arise not just when CBD is mixed with other fillers, oils, and weak ingredients when the product is created, but also during the extraction process. This holds true whether it is found in balm, edible, or tincture form.

Without any strict product guidelines provided by governing agencies, numerous new products are finding their way into the market without the proper checks typically associated with items sold for medicinal and/or nutritional purposes. To keep the body safe and ensure that you receive the natural benefits you seek, it is always advisable to only buy from a reputable CBD brand that can guarantee the highest industry standards.

Simply put, you need to do proper research. Don’t let unbacked selling points and bold claims pull you in, rather be on the lookout for essential lab approval certifications as well as evidence of third-party testing. Confirming essential safety and quality gives you more peace of mind with regards to the regular use of a health-related product, including CBD.

The Side Effects of CBD

The human body is a complex mix of functions and processes. So, whenever something new is introduced, whether it is natural or not, the body can produce a number of side effects. Still, it does not mean that they are always harmful or unwanted.

According to a recent study by Jarai et al, CBD causes vasorelaxation according to CBD Oil Ireland. This is when the circulatory system’s vascular walls become relax thus resulting in lower blood pressure. While it might be useful for those that suffer from high blood pressure, vasorelaxation occurs regardless, which makes it a side effect of using CBD.

Taking CBD regularly, therefore, could inadvertently help everyday blood flow by relaxing the veins and arteries. While it isn’t harmful and even beneficial, it is still important to know this if you have an existing condition that leads to low blood pressure.

Besides this main effect, there are also reports of nausea, dry mouth, and diarrhea, but those haven’t been confirmed yet. It is highly likely that they are linked to the use of inferior CBD products. Once again, doing proper research is a way to avoid any irritants or issues associated with regular use.

Prior to taking CBD, it is advisable to first consult your doctor. He/she will guide you with an understanding of your previous medical conditions. This is particularly important if you’re currently on long-term medication. CBD has been found to potentially impact the potency of some types of prescribed drugs, which is why it is so important to confirm this before taking CBD in any form.

Is CBD Safe?

CBD has been presented as a natural alternative for pain relief as well as for supporting individuals suffering from pain and anxiety, but in-depth research on its health benefits is still underway. While the effects on long-term CBD users are still being studied, it is still considered safe to use regularly without any problematic side effects reported. Just ensure that you check for a certified list of ingredients as well as evidence of third-party testing to provide the body with the most effective, natural, and safest CBD.

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