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The Most Common Business Mistakes – (you’re probably doing one of them right now)

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Brett Odgers, Author, Speaker and Executive Business Coach joins Enterprise Radio. He is an expert in creating winning teams both in business and on the sporting field.

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Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Brett Odgers discuss the following:

  • What is one thing that business leaders are ignoring that’s holding them back from building better enterprises?
  • What is the biggest challenge leaders face in creating better teams?
  • What does motivate people then?
  • Your title is Business Coach, what does that really mean today?
  • What are the top 5 things that business owners aren’t seeing right now that will have a big impact on them in the next few years?

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Brett Odgers, Who is an Author, Speaker and Executive Business Coach. He is an expert in creating winning teams both in business and on the sporting field. He works with organisations who are growing rapidly and need help to build a positive and profitable work culture.

I work with business owners, senior managers and teams to help redefine their dreams and vision, and helps them to implement systems, strategies and tactics that will allow them to achieve those goals.
I work with clients on 3 key areas of their business:

1. Sales. We boost your clients massively with real, tested strategies that are kicking goals and getting massive results for our clients.

2. Marketing and Advertising. With so many years in this industry I can help you with what works and what doesn’t. And give you an inside perspective on making you marketing an investment… rather than an expense.

3. Team Building & Leadership. Building a team is essential to the business of your dreams, and a balanced life. Whether it’s sports coaching with my FFA Senior Football Coaching Credentials or your executive team; the principals are the same. A high performance team is not made up of individuals. It’s a champion team that will get you there.

What makes me Different from all the other Coaches?

I start with the worlds leading framework for building your business, the Action Coach system.

In addition to that, I have two decades of business ownership experience, running very successful small businesses such as….

  • A number of Photographic Studios
  • Film and Television Commercial production business
  • An Advertising Agency
  • Design Firms

I don’t just bring theory… I bring experience and empathy to building your business.

Brett Odgers

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Purchase book from Amazon here – Playing Above the Line – Creating a Winning Team

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