Tom Ottiano

The Life of a Young CEO of a Start-Up

Tom Ottiano

Tom Ottaiano, CEO and President of Today’s Business, a Digital Advertising Agency joins Enterprise Radio to discuss his entrepreneurial journey.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Tom Ottaiano discuss the following:

  • What drove you to follow an entrepreneurial path in the start of your own company at the young of age of 23?
  • Being under the age of 30, how do you get your more experienced clients to take you seriously?
  • Sometimes it is hard for entrepreneurs to differentiate between friends and business partners. How did you decide on who would be the best candidate for your business partner? And do you think a business partner can also be a friend?
  • How do you think your young age and start-up culture contribute to the work environment of your company?
  • How would you like to see Today’s Business grow in the future?

Tom Ottaiano is the spark of uniqueness that shines through Today’s Business, setting it apart from the rest. It all starts with his remarkable personal story. After all, how many companies can say their CEO played in the NFL?

Tom Ottaiano began his college career at Hofstra University and continued his education at Monmouth University, earning both his Bachelors and Master’s Degree in Business Administration. All the while he dedicated his spare time to football, serving as a captain at Hofstra, and acquiring numerous athletic awards from Monmouth University. Tom continued his efforts towards a professional football career, and in 2011 he attained his goal, signing as a Free Agent to the NY Jets, and later to the Minnesota Vikings.

As his football career began to wind down, Tom shifted his focus and energy into founding an innovative digital marketing company called Today’s Business, where he currently serves as the CEO and Managing Partner. With the help of Tom’s leadership skills and drive for success, Today’s Business is quickly becoming a leader in the ever-changing digital world. Three years since its inception, Today’s Business serves over 70 clients in nearly every business sector, and continues expand its reach.

When Tom isn’t perfecting his craft in the office, you can find him out networking, working out at the gym and spending time with his fiancé.

Tom Ottaiano’s Highlights
·        NY Jets and Vikings NFL Professional Football Player (2011)
·        Co-founder of award winning Today’s Business
·        Three time Colonial Athletic Association Academic all-conference member
·        Nominated for 30 under 30 by Power Under 30
·        Volunteer coach at high school alma mater and local camps
·        Experienced pizzaiolo


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