The Importance of Aircon Servicing

To begin with, air conditioners play major role in modern homes. Moreover, in most cases they serve as the main source of heating or cooling. For this reason, it’s important to keep your aircon in perfect condition and we have compiled a list of reasons why you should do it regularly. After all, nobody wants to wake up to an air conditioner that warms up the room instead of cooling it.

In addition, it’s always a better idea to leave your air conditioner system’s servicing to a professional. Like many other websites, SGHomeNeeds offers a list of aircon services for homeowners in Singapore. 

The Importance of Regular Aircon Servicing

During the summer, the only barrier between you and the hot outdoors is your air conditioning cooling system. According to (cooling expert), it not only cools your home but it also absorbs pollutants and other harmful substances that come from outside. These substances are often trapped in the system. As a result, they start accumulating inside it, thus increasing its workload and perpetrating the system’s normal working process.

In the beginning, these pollutants might not be able to cause a malfunction but in the long run, they can definitely pose a danger to the whole system. Therefore, taking the required precautions can prevent permanent damage to your system like burned motor and various other. Here is a list of the most common problems dirt deposits can cause.

Increased Power Consumption

Basically, aircon systems depend on airflow for smooth operation. Over time, impurities in the air start accumulating in the aircon filters. At a certain point, they start restricting the normal airflow, thus forcing the system to apply extra effort in order to maintain the cooling level. In other words, if the airflow is disturbed, this means that the air conditioning system will start slowly but surely to increase its power consumption. 


In addition to the increased power consumption, a clogging may eventually create even bigger problems. Generating and consuming more power than the standard requirements and conditions can lead to permanent damage which may cause the system to stop working. If you continue using the aircon without taking any action, some parts, e.g. the condenser motor, may even burn.


Normally, a cooling system works by absorbing the indoor heat and then passing it onto the condenser coil in the outdoor unit. After that, a fan blows a breeze on it, thus making it colder and ready for another cycle. However, if the coil is not clean, e.g. there’s dirt or other particles that prevent it from working properly, the heat transfer can’t be performed effectively and the efficiency of the aircon will decrease. In this case, the unit will get hotter with every cycle which can cause damage to the system. For this reason, contacting professional service may be needed as you’ll need someone to clean any residue on the condenser coil.

Lower Air Quality

Last but not least, the aircon filters are supposed to absorb all harmful particles, even dust and bacteria. However, these filters must be changed or cleaned regularly in order to provide quality air in your home. Leaving them clogged and dirty may provide fertile area for bacteria and molds to reproduce, thus mixing with the airflow of your aircon system. As a result, you’ll start inhaling harmful particles that may get you sick.

When to Service Your Aircon

Needless to say, most of the people who have aircon systems at their homes or offices, use them on a daily basis. Obviously, the higher the usage, the more frequent maintenance an air conditioning system will need. As a general rule of thumb, servicing your aircon system at least twice a year will ensure that it is in top condition. However, there are several factors that you should take into consideration in order to decide how often to service your system:

  • How often do you use your aircon unit?
  • Is it for commercial or residential use? Commercial aircon units are used at a higher rate which may result in more frequent servicing than residential ones.
  • What’s the room or the unit facing? If the room/unit is facing a main road or a construction site this may mean that it will accumulate a lot of dirt in the system.

Final Thoughts

All in all, everything can be kept in reasonable limits if you hire a local professional to conduct regular maintenance checks on your aircon unit. It’s vital that you always research and go for recommended specialists with high review ratings and perfect feedback from previous customers. After all, no matter how eco-friendly and energy-efficient your aircon system is if you don’t look after its condition. Taking the needed precautions will take away most of the troubles. In the end, your system will work perfectly for years.

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