The Growing Demand for Serviced Office Space


More and more business are choosing to use serviced offices than ever before. As a cheaper and much more flexible alternative to securing long term office blocks, it’s easy to see why there’s such a growing demand for serviced office spaces. With so many advantages, here’s why your business should think about serviced offices today:


Serviced office space comes without the commitment that securing a permanent base does. This means that your business can pick and choose where it’s based without having to sign a binding contract for several years. One of the main perks to this is that the rental prices in certain areas, such as London, can be sky high, so renting can be much cheaper and allows you to move much easier if circumstances change. One of the crucial perks to using serviced offices are that you can pick and choose where you’re based. LEO has serviced offices in some of the most sought after locations across London so you might be able to set up in areas like Belgravia and Knightsbridge after all.


Serviced offices are top of the range with all the essential technology a thriving business needs and top quality equipment. Your company is able to present itself as much more professional to potential clients than in an office block which may be dated. Equipment can be really expensive to replace so using a serviced office means you get to use top quality facilities without the hefty price tag. Some businesses are using meeting rooms in serviced offices to conduct their bigger and more important meetings as the facilities are so impressive they can evoke a better image to their customers and clients.


You can choose a serviced office that best suits your business needs making your company much more efficient. From food and beverage assistants on site to tube station proximity, serviced offices allow your business to be much more efficient. The flexibility they offer allows you to organise meetings in perfectly shaped rooms with video conferencing facilities and use of top of the range technology.

It’s easy to see why so many businesses are choosing to use serviced offices as an alternative to occupying a space permanently and with such a growing demand in areas like London, it’s something your business should consider as a cost effective and resourceful alternative to sourcing permanent premises.

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