The Future of Employee Benefits with Matt Kim of SureCo

Matt Kim, the CEO of SureCo, a developer of innovative products and solutions aimed at improving the healthcare and wellbeing of its users joins Enterprise Fit Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Matt Kim discuss the following:

  1. You started SureCo seven years ago. How did you get your start in the insurance industry?
  2. Aside from growing revenue, what do you hope to accomplish by founding SureCo?
  3. SureCo offers a new alternative to large group health benefits, the health insurance employees get from their employers. But why is this solution needed? And if these are so crucial, why was it not put in place earlier?
  4. How can companies leverage SureCo’s Enrollment Platform to enhance talent acquisition and build the best team for success?
  5. As the CEO of a growing organization, how do you care for your team, and what impact have your customized benefits had on your organization?

After helping launch SureCo as a co-founder, Matthew Kim grew into his role as Chief Executive Officer in a non-traditional way. Unlike many of his professional peers, Matthew didn’t attend college, work at an international consulting firm, or have VC funding to fuel SureCo’s growth. He did have copious amounts of determination and passion, which he shares generously with his team.

Matthew began his career in insurance sales at HealthMarkets Inc, a Blackstone Group Company. He also built and led his own health care agencies prior to his current iteration of SureCo. A CEO with an open-door policy, Matthew has no qualms about rolling up his sleeves and getting in the trenches. He works closely with every department across SureCo, helping support, leverage, and advance our products and mission.


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